New Dropship Dialogue


@MacMan and @Matthew I don’t know if you can tell us yet, but will the DLC hunters have conversations with the current 12 hunters while waiting to drop? I ask because I know sometimes it’s too expensive to get the original voice actors to come in and record new VO for DLC stuff.

On new dialogue with the release of tier 4 hunters

They will. All characters who are added into the game will have interactions with all other hunters and monsters. That means interactions between the already existing characters AND the new characters. Lots of work goes into making the DLC characters mesh seamlessly into the game.


Time to call up all the voice actors again.


I can’t imagine it happens quickly. I just know it’s been discussed before. I also can’t say to what extent they do it, but I know it will be quality. I was so excited when they announced this a while back.


Maybe they had them read a lot of ‘extra’ lines for ‘future use’. You wouldn’t need to know specifics aside from maybe Pronouns.


I know this is a wish that doesn’t have a lot of chances to happen but…

I hope they’ll add more in game dialogues of former characters too… Especially if the DLC of Evolve are greatly sold…


any chance you have a link to when they said that?


It was quite a while ago. I’ll go searching and see if I can dig it up.

EDIT: for the life of me, I can’t find the original post. I know for a fact I’ve read it, though it isn’t showing up in the search bar. I will keep my eyes peeled and come back when I can confirm it for certain.


Okay so here’s the straight dope.

We have a handful of dropship conversations that we call Mad Lib conversations. The DLC hunters speak during those, so you will hear them interact with the Crew.

And the DLC hunters themselves have roughly half as much banter with each other as the entire rest of the team. Which is a lot.

And we are planning on bringing all the actors back, relatively soon, so they can all have special, unique conversations with each other.

So, yes, and there will be even more later!


I’m not sure if you can answer this, but with new hunters added in the game are they going to be treated as if they arrived on Shear the same time with the 12 base hunters or do they come to Shear later on in the timeline?


Canonically, all the DLC hunters are survivors of the Fall of Shear. They aren’t professionals, like the Crew.

[Lore discussion] Sunny is alive?!
Tier 4 hype!

but they’ll still have good abilities on par with the other hunters right?


Wait, Fall Of Shear? Does this mean more story or something? I know I’m reading too much into this, buuuuuut…


Oh yeah, they’re fucking awesome. They just tend to have very different backgrounds than the First Twelve.


Interesting finally get some native Shearians. Or is it the Shearish? Shearicans?


Eventually we may see someone who was born on Shear, yes.


Remember, Evacuation only has two outcomes. And in both of them, the colony collapses. The best the Hunters can do is get everyone to safety. They cannot save Shear.


Evolve 2: Revenge of the Hunters. It’s time to take back what’s ours!


I only recently realised that Evacuation is really a Suicide mission, where they heroically give some time to the colonists to escape…

Especially in one dialogue during Defend mode with Val apologizing to Maggie because we have to stay here at the end…


I need to ask, and this might be a stupid question, but is every time a non-shielded hunter get hit by a rock throw or otherwise get knocked around without getting all their internal organs crushed cannon? Do they have some kind of inertia canceling device on them that shields their organs? In games like resident evil, only the cutscenes are cannon. Characters can be bit during regular gameplay, and only loose a bit of health, but if it’s during a cutscene, they are fucked.

I wonder, because in the ending cinematic if the hunters win, they still get overrun by monsters, which can be a problem if they can only be squashed once.

Can anyone explain this for me? How do the Hunters work?