New drinking game!

  • Every time @Chloe says “Yaayyy” drink from your beer.
  • Every time she says “woohoo” or “wooo” chug your beer.
  • Every time she strikes the superman pose take a shot!

I’m just joking around @Chloe. You were amazing! :smile:

http://www.twitch. tv/turtlerockstudios/v/4548081

EDIT: aww im having issues with the link.


How about every time she says “Peirs, go back to the forums” :confused:

I cant help but smile when that happens :stuck_out_tongue:


:heartpulse: you all :smiley:


Are you trying to give me alcohol poisoning?


I’m sorry, I had to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not until we get that Mammoth Bird event we talked about >:)

Kidding, it was funny to watch the chat during it. I’m pretty sure anyone who actually took a part in the drinking game was sloshed by the end of it :wink:


Well you guys better think one up for tomorrow evening (my time) cause I’m gonna be on for a few hours.

Please drink responsibly