New Drawing EVOLVE

Finally my fanart is done!


That’s incredible. :smiley:
How long did it take to do?

HOLY COW! That’s amazing!

Edit: @SlabOMeat and @SledgePainter , you should see this!

Wow…that’s damn good O_O

How does one even draw that? It looks all fuzzy and spiffy (In an amazingly good way). And that medic needs to be healing Hank before he goes down! Must’ve been a game of randoms :wink:

This is great!

Did you draw and color this with pencils?

Do you know your title is set as Regular? :confused:

Yep :wink: I was just messing around for a bit.

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I was so confused. :laughing:

why is val shooting the monster when she needs to revive griffin and heal hank after the flame breath -_- FAIL LOGIC :smirk:

heal beam is on cd after rework.


Anything with Val is fail x3 jkjk

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This makes me hate myself and my drawing abilities :stuck_out_tongue:

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he did great on the characters dont get me wrong. but THAT BACKGROUND IS AMAZING


You should feel proud of yourself, that’s amazing and hope all the devs see this C:

Now that I am no longer in awe of your marvelous drawing it’s time to ask the real question…what maps is that :slight_smile:

Son you just earned the achievement:

Impress two regulars, two Devs, and two leaders with one pic

Well dun


And two devs!

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I’m also impressed. My main trade was/is in colored pencil work. My guess is this piece is at least an 11X14 or just maybe 16X20 on Bristol paper using colored pencils? The fire is amazingly well done. The whole piece overall is excellent, but I love it most because it’s a traditional piece. I wonder, were these Prismacolors or no?

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