New Dome System - feels


There’s just something deeply satisfying of having the dome slam down on your face(yes fine) and then immediately turning and teaching them that was a poor mistake :smiley: 2 strikes is much easier than you must faceroll the trapper each time.


Love the new dome!


It’s just a much more active dome in general, you don’t want to be locked in the dome and let the timer just run down either cause that’s still precious match time >.> It’s an interesting way to ‘force’ engagements, though I do wonder if they may go back and adjust timers later down the line.


The timing feels okay to me. If I can’t dish out enough damage to down a hunter then at least I know I’m only going to take a certain amount of damage before it drops.


Yeah but there’s just a small wince everytime I know that 5 minutes is nearly half of a match, so if I manage my armor carefully but can’t edge out a strike during that entire dome that’s half the match that I still could’ve gotten some food… Not saying it’s bad just wondering if it could be a little closer to a 1/3rd of a match a dome or if there was a reason behind why it’s flat 5 minutes. Don’t get me wrong I love it, I’m just confused by that.


The 5 minutes was to prevent monsters going for straight mitigation. You might be able to run out a full dome now but once people start getting better it’s going to be harder to pull off.


Yeah, the general answer is I need to get better at my strikes :stuck_out_tongue: Now that we have more players I can actually practice!


Huh, im suprised you monster players like the dome. With it being an unavoidable skill for the hunters and forcing you to fight. Bot that im complaining :smiley:


I don’t like running and with the new balance changes I have no issue trading health for strikes. Games are much closer now and I love it!


I really like it as well. Don’t forget, even if you do run out 5 minutes and neither side can do anything, as long as you keep staying in combat when the timer hits, it gets paused. I was really worried about the 12 minute timer, but it’s never come close to running out whether in a very short or long game.


The current Dome is just faster, faster to deal with faster to pull in but this is a combat game, there’s no fun in just fleeing I’m the type of monster that will start slowing my eating just to prolong the game sometimes.


That much is true the closest I’ve gotten is 2 minutes and I pushed it to a 20 minute game, I lost that game but it was hectic as hell and fun, I just got lucky with my disengagements.


Yup, and the game was exciting because of extra engagements, even if it is a longer game it doesn’t ‘feel’ long because the monster still has to engage :smiley:


But oh god is it easy to get tunnel vision with the new trap timer lol too many losses on “just one more strike…”


Can someone explain to me how to new dome works?

Some examples:

  • What determines how long the dome timer is?
  • As the monster, how do you make the dome drop?

Anything else I should know about too would be nice to know :smile:


Ya, I still overcommit a lot. However, I think that is mostly because most hunters aren’t good so you can be extremely sloppy, then you go against a good team and overcommit and lose way too much hp for the engagement.


As a mediocre monster, there are two things I like about the new dome:

  1. I’m in control of where the dome goes, pretty much. I was before to some degree, but now if I stay in a tight circle in an area with good cover at stage 1, I know I’ll have good cover if they choose to engage me and dome me.

  2. If I get my arse handed to me I know I only lose 20%ish of my stage 1 health before I can bolt and try to salvage the game.

Two very positive changes for monsters that find it tough in the early game.


The dome timer is ALWAYS 5 minutes to start. 1 minute is shaved off for a certain percentage of health that the monster loses. It is % based. Basically if you lose about 20% of your hp, 5 minutes will have been shaved off and the dome will drop. Each hunter the monster downs will take off 3 minutes and 30 seconds. So it’s all about doing damage to your opponent that causes it to drop.


As the monster you don’t control the dome, if the dome is down you have to get 2 strikes to get out of the dome from it being down at the start otherwise 1 strike removes 3.5 and 2 strikes since you have a 5 minute dome just removes it. it’s on a 1 minute cd after that.
All hunters can drop it and pick it up now(word of the wise don’t pick up the dome)


Bah a little faster than me. lol.