New Dome opinions


As a main trapper player, doming the monster was the bread and butter of the hunt, without it you couldnt hope to stand a chance however i feel the way the domes act now is waay to casual friendly losing some of the mechanics that once made trapping enjoyable e.g landing a good dome(no loops). however now that everyone can dome unless your in a premade the dome comes down instantly wherever the monster is… which is not really useful, the monster can control the dome if they are looking for a fight.

i was just in a game where i domed a stage 1 wraith, and position it so itd cut off any loops however the game decided to include the giant ass pillar right in the centre of the dome so the monster could mitigate… it was stupid, the wraith would run away, decoy and warp blast in, and straight away run away, didn’t even get health damage he managed to take down assault because he kept warp blasting through every shield and heal once he got S2 he finished us as soon as he evolved because of decoy, supernova and warp blast.

im not here to complain about wraiths but i think domes need to be looked at again, every time im in a game im looking for the right distance/angle to capture the monster however even if you know the monster is just behind a wall you cant dome because you cant see the monster… and also you cant see how the dome will turn out so you just sorta guess.
I miss the feeling of holding the dome and throwing it at the right time to create some awesome plays(Cutting off loops, cutting off a monster from a downed player, god domes(toxic as they were they were fun). Dome positioning and timing were one of the things you needed to be good at trapper and now your just sorta a battle character that occasionally CCs.
i think an improvement atleast would be to show the layout of the dome if you can capture the monster, so players can decided whether to actually capture the monster.


Well the thing with evolve is when it started out it wasn’t very user friendly and we couldn’t attract and keep new players. So when they made it F2P they wanted to attract and keep players so we lost some of the more confusing aspects and we lost some of the more difficult aspects.


I dont wanna see this become a newb friendly game, i wanna see the comebacks of tournaments and pro level gameplay, and i think this new dome although creates a casualy gameplay, high level gameplay mechanics were just disregarded, i know theres way to go back for trappers getting the dome back but id like to see something change even if its just in ranked


Agreed, I’d like to see some way to maybe toggle an indicator of where the dome would form if you pressed the button (removing it once you throw). It’s not clear to people, I think, just where the dome will land and it can cause these bad loops by accident.

Maybe this could be only for trappers even, to really help give the distinction back to the role without forcing people who don’t want to dome as trapper to do it. This way the trapper could actually see the projected outline and if out of range at least shout “Now!” knowing when it’s a good spot too.


Hope they`ll change it, so you enable/disable the indicator once you press F, while holding F will aktivate the dome. Hunters should get the possibillity to dome the monster as long as it is tracked and stays in dome-range to reward tracking.


i specifically dont like how you cant position the dome, and you just hope that its good… because thats the sign of a good trapper -.-