New dome and planet scan


Not a huge fan of the new dome, especially with the brainless planet scan stuff.

I hope to see an increase in cooldown of both.


Maybe you wanna expand your reasoning? Just so we actually have something to discuss.


The planet scanner is anti-toxicity. It stops monsters sneaking the whole game.

And I have no idea how you plan to justify your reason for a Dome change.


The new dome is brainless, impossible to miss and has a short cooldown. It’s just a tad annoying, nothing major - my bigger gripe is healing output, but that’s a complaint for later.

I don’t get how sneaking is considered toxic. It is a play style and there is nothing wrong with it. Right now this is what I’m seeing from more experienced players:

Planet Scan, rush at the general area of the monster, spread out, dome it and regroup under dome if you’re split up - spam healing and shields while the Stage 1 struggles to live - if things get a little hazy, spam heal/shields harder and kite more.

Why is it that Monsters got no changes to improve their gameplay but Hunters got a whole bunch of babying over the entire course of the game’s development since launch?


The Dome has a huge cool down. And if you fight, you can drop the Dome hella fast. And if you get tracked by the planet scanner, and then don’t move and let the Hunters rush you, that’s on you.


-Wildlife has 50% less health meaning quicker kills and faster evolves
-All health and armor has been slightly increased(I think)
-extra point for stage 1, making you stronger
-more standardize traversals
Edit: Thats just a few


That just goes to show how small and weak these changes are compared to what the Hunters got. As someone who’s been dumping hours and hours non-stop into Monster it just feels too easy to be caught. There’s no ability to avoid a group of hunters if they really want to find you.


I forgot to mention, God Domes are almost impossible, and the Monster better dictates the playing field


-Traversals(really dude?)
-Goliath leap smash and charge
-Wraith warp blast
Edit: Everyone else’s traversals are good enough to not warrant a movement ability(except you Bob)


@XMetrusX Elder Kraken’s traversals are pathetic when you take his damage output into consideration, especially when comparing him to his younger kin.

Say you’re using your traversals, there’s nothing to stop yet another planet scan and spread out from catching you, again – assuming you’ve not been tranquilized/slowed repeatedly by some Hunter that just won’t go away. You wanna turn and smack him - you’ll take too long either way.

In most cases against an even half competent team you can say goodbye to having any time to Evolve, because by the time you do that you’ll probably be caught again unless you’re god damn Waldo - so yes, really dude. I hope you actually practice what you preach, because it sure as hell doesn’t work against a team with even half a brain, and if it does I definitely need to see it on video.


The planet scan last 5 seconds. After those 5 seconds, you can sneak a bit the opposite way you’re going and throw off the hunters. You’re making it seem like as if you should always be able to escape hunters, but it’s not and it’s an inevitable thing to happen.


I do believe that the planet scan has a bit too short of a cooldown, for how accurate it scans. As the monster, you can juke them, but it only lasts for a VERY short while before the scan is back up again. You just can’t cover enough terrain when they have a straight line pointing at you (except maybe if you’re Kraken).

And I like most of the new dome, but I wish it was still a skillshot. With a much, much shorter cooldown if it misses. If you dome and can’t find the monster, you have planet scan to avoid them hiding the whole time. So making it deploy over the monster regardless, is kind of moot at this point.

I like them like, 95% of what they are, but in the hands of someone who REALLY knows what they’re doing, there is no escaping.


@Bion I agree. I would appreciate a skillshot dome with shorter cooldowns.

Also, I believe Gorgon is currently the only monster that can escape well - her mobility is astonishing and I really love the way she can sling in and out of a fight - she’s absolute chaos with her spider minion and her entire kit is based on punishing making her great for scaring a team into making the wrong moves.


Haven’t tried the Gorgon yet. And I’ve only seen her played once, as a first timer, lol. And he was very slow with her. I hear in more capable hands she’s supposed to be fearsome, though.


It is still very much possible to juke Hunters. The game is a lot more quicker but you know what the Planet Scanner does. That can be used to your advantage. I have twisted Hunters off the beaten path a good amount of times even with their Planet Scanner. It is just a nice class ability so that you are not lost til Stage 3. I felt like that was happening way too much and it is nice to be on the monster way more.