New dlc? anytime at all?


obviously there wont be tier 6 anytime soon, but i just want to know.

if tier 6 comes out, will we have to buy hunting season 3?
because if that is the case i am throwing evolve away and burning it off of my hard drive. (not really) . im just a little bothered that we have to pay $75 for all the dlc.


You don’t HAVE to buy anything.


It will probably be considered a new season, yes. But maybe they’ll do a hunting season deluxe with all three seasons included?

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Evolve is a game designed for DLC but is patched constantly to avoid P2W.

If there is a T6, it will most likely be DLC. However, as mentioned in your other post, if you only play supporting roles, just grab the one you want the most and save the others for later.

BUT in case you didn’t know. The studio will be continuing the character adaptations for basically all the free characters at least. And they take less time to create too. So by the time a T6 begins, we could have a second kraken, 4 alternative hunter versions and beginning of T2 alterations. All the adaptations are free also. So by T6, having up to a half dozen more characters to change things up some sounds fine

I rarely but new video games as I only have PC and a lot of games don’t interest me. So spending 25$ several months for another hunters pass is perfectly fine for me. I even spend money on skins because I like how they look. Lol.


I don’t like when people see another Hunting Pass and then complain… All and ANY DLC are optional. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, one issue if you feel left out of the fun of new characters unless you have the extra cash to get them. Even if you do a custom game and switch with a friend it doesn’t help.


I don’t understand these threads. It was announced that the only free content would be the maps. All characters would be DLC. I don’t know why people keep saying they’re quitting because characters aren’t free. The game has a nice setup to me, you don’t “have” to buy anything and it is not pay to win. I buy things because I “want to” not because “have to”. Nothing in life is free, we pay for the content so we can continue getting more content added to the game. Devs need to eat too! :stuck_out_tongue:


usually season passes with a price so high include ALL of the further made dlc. not just a few more people and then BLAM another season pass is up for purchase


I would have been perfectly fine with the game being f2p and then having to buy the other tiers.

but it wasnt, and i feel like I am paying $90 to unlock what should have been the full game from the start.

EVEN with the $90 purchase, i reaaallly dont want to drop 75$ on what should have been a 25$ and unlock all future dlc deal



Well the variations could 've considered new free characters as they are more than just skins.

Well, the the olderstuff does cost less after a while which is a plus.

But I think it’s technically a Hunting Season Pass. Not Season Pass. Which does make some difference. But does add confusion

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That’s true. I have no salt towards the system. I knew what I was getting into. Plus at 500+hrs. I think new characters are nice, even if its $25, I spend more on my car. $30 a week for gas and $308 a month for loan. so around $428. Honestly, $25 isn’t a lot.

I don’t think its a lot if I enjoy it.

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“Should have”

A seriously opinionated statement you got there and you need realize this. If you don’t see the justifiable reasons behind the pricing of the game and current OPTIONAL DLC and trust me the reasons do exist, I don’t know what I can tell you.

Also I must bring to your attention that there isn’t any one way a season pass is handled in gaming. There is a number of ways these are handled in games and releasing a tier for a pass at a one time purchase which is in total cheaper than buying everything individually is the route 2K took and if you need the other ways Season passes are handled I can post them.



If the characters were finished by the time it launched they would of added them. It wasn’t the developers choice to release the game at that point. Its the publisher I would think. I’m sure if the devs could of, they would of at least did T4 on release.


February isnt a “hotspot” for releasing games, so Im sure they could have waited a few more weeks to release it with the tier 4. 2k just wants you to think they would have released with tier 4, but they knew what they were getting into from the very start


Either way its water under the bridge. I greatly enjoy the game, it is my break from work and school, so I don’t mind paying for it. It has always been well worth the money I put into it.


From a corporate/business position. Yes, that’s better to make money.

But for game developers, a lot of them want their creations to be enjoyed the best way possible.


Forums are meant to be solely opinions. I could supply facts to a post but it would be bland and general. I am stating my OPINION and that is why i joined the forums in the first place


I can see why people might be upset about the individual price of cosmetic items, the quality of these items and even the bundling of these items.

But I will never understand why people use the total sum of all the DLC a game has to offer as an argument.
It’s DLC. You don’t have to buy it. That’s the point.

Where on the store page does it say “Note: You need to buy ALL the DLC in order to enjoy this game.”?

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Forums are meant for discussion both factual and opinionated but discussing something such as what a DLC price SHOULD HAVE been based off opinion is ill advised because people tend to clash at this feeling.

I for one know my stance but that doesn’t mean I can’t present a few facts to help support how I feel instead of saying something generic that can be interpreted in a different manner.

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