New Difficult Selections for Co-op vs. A.I



Gonna keep it short. so I know there is hunter or monster favored difficulty for training or custom. In co-op vs A.I., we know AI is not challenge and TRS is improving the AI.

What I would like to see though is the option to select difficulty. Something like Nightmare mode. Where AI has 2x HP & Armor. 1.5x or 2x Movement speed, feeding speed. abilities do 1.5x dmg and radius. Better focusing system. Goliath that does Leap Smash > insta pounce etc.

Make it actually challenging or something. We might actually have fun playing against overpowered monsters instead of a cute AI Goliath. That we later on grill his steak for dinner with smashed potatoes and green beans.


Yeah I think if goliath get 4x dmg boost it will be enought to make me at least dodge once.Would be also cool to have arena training mode,where immortal monster spam attacks with no cd and you have infinite jet-pack so you can learn to dodge


I would like to see this feature implemented.


How about,

PTB’s that way you can go into a training hunt, and actually kind of program how you play into the character for its “values” to use in bot mode.

How fun would it be to go up against yourself as a hunter if you usually play monster?


What if the game just records every action you make in game and then uses that data to make a way-point system for your bots? Then It really WOULD be fighting yourself!


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I like that idea.


Altho it would teach bad jetpack management…maybe just infinite health in an immortal dome?