New dialogue ideas


I know that devs can’t use our monsters and hunters ideas. But are they allowed to use our dialogue ideas?


My guess would still be no due to copyright issues.


You’d have to sell your soul to TRS. I dunno if they’re buying though…


Thank god they can even visit it here. -_-


That’d be 2K.


2K already has all of our souls because of day 1 DLC…


What do you mean?

Is that to say any idea that is ever given in the monster suggestion thread will never be made?

Why wouldnt they just have a disclaimer that any ideas posted here now belong to TRS or 2k?

So the suggestion threads are exactly counterproductive then and actually blocking future monster designs?

Onto conversation ideas, it would be neat if there was a small amount of selectable responses.

Like EMET asks a question and you get 3 possible responses, to which he would give a different response depending on. Would help with variety I think,or allow players to get the convo they prefer.



No, they simply never get looked at by the devs so they don’t accidentally steal something.


Your legal system never stops to amaze me.


Y’know, legally, they can create every single suggestion posted here and get money from it with absolutely zero legal repercussions. The only issue comes with people that posted stuff supposedly having their property “stolen” by the devs, then trying to sue thinking they deserve part of the money.

This forum is TRS property, and anything put on here belongs to them, but being sued for “stealing” their fans ideas isn’t a favorable rep to have.


I officially want to state TRS is free to use any of my ideas that I post on this forum, I claim no ownership of said properties and only provide them here for the betterment of gaming as a whole.

When I was in the MAG beta the devs specifically asked for feedback and used one of my own ideas directly, there was no debate over ownership as it should not apply.

Its not reasonable to assume people would post ideas to be added to a game freely then expect monetary compensation, entitled youths these days ruin everything I guess.

I think it would be more then enough reward to simply have my ideas implemented and made playable, its not like I can ever do it myself.

So I have a few monster ideas and even balancing ideas for the hunters, if I want them to ever be implemented my best bet is to never tell anyone and just cross my fingers?

Something isnt right here.

By the way any MAG players who got a infantry kill with the RPG after launch, you are more then welcome!!


Doesn’t matter. Anyone can state that whenever, and nothing changes. In the ToS for the site, it states rather clearly that everything posted here belongs to TRS. If they wanted to use it, they’re allowed to, with or without anyone’s permissions.

You can make small suggestions like “it would be cool if we got an ice Monster” (yes, pun intended) or “an earthquake-style ability would rock my world” (another pun kek), and that is just fine. Full concepts are a no-go, however.


I’m not living in USA. Your law doesn’t affect me.


It’s not a United States law, it’s a rule laid out by TRS. Applies as long as the thing in question is on this site, and you agreed to it when signing up. Regardless of region, you’re bound by the agreement.


And I want them to use my ideas. So what’s the problem?


They don’t want to use your ideas. No problem at all.


Because they don’t want to by sued. But I can’t sue them. So yes, no problem at all.


They can’t be sued anyways. Even if they were to steal every idea here, nobody could touch them. At all. Not even once.

They care about their reputation. They don’t wish to be seen as a studio that takes their fans’ ideas. It doesn’t matter whether or not they were given freely, but the fact that they used something someone else created gives off a bad external image. Period. It would also get tiring if people did try to sue, even though it would be a fruitless effort. Lawyers cost money, and that’s a lot of paperwork.


After Evolve their reputation is pretty much in the sewers. Too late to worry about that.


Aside from your nit picking at the legal system an aparant lack of understanding.
No they cannot. Unless they want to rehire, and pay again, the voice actors (highly unlikely) there will be no new dialogue for existing hunters.