New dialogue coming soon?


I know I’ve asked this before and I’m sure there have too. I couldn’t find the thread and for that I apologize.

But does anyone know when we are getting more drop ship dialogue? I’m so anxious to hear more about this universe and background.


Yesterday I heard a Maggie/Caira conversation I have never heard before, and that’s strange since it’s one of the most common combinations. It was about Daisy being sick. I have not seen a changelog stating there was new lines added, tough.


I heard that one quite a while back- it’s certainly not new.


That conversation isn’t new indeed. I suppose it’s mostly just T4 that doesn’t appear to communicate much with the other tiers. They hint at Abe hunting Slim, but I’ve never heard the two talking to each other, etc.


I had sunny and she was talking to Daisy in puppy talk.
@StartSwimming That because they aren’t recorded yet. They have to bring back the original and new voice actors


Matthew the writer said that the randomness of dialogue was changed so you’d hear new bits of dialogue that already existed in-game but almost never played. Most of the dialogue between T1-3 & T4 hadn’t even been recorded when they released 2.0 - they usually don’t give us any info about this kinda stuff until it’s about to be added to the game.


I don’t believe they have stated yet as to when they expect the new convos to be added, so I imagine that they’re still in the process of recording them/organising for the recording of them


math said a while back that they “should” be added with the next big patch

dont know if its still the case tho


Crow hunted Slim for three days on Shear. Then they worked together to take down an injured Goliath. Abe wants to turn Slim in, knowing the bounty for a Basilisk Soldier is insanely high.


Hunted him down for help? Or for real hunted?


Stalked him through the jungle. He didn’t know what Slim was, and he thought he was some sort of creature.


Ok, Thanks for the confirmation! I was kind of lost when I read those sentences…


I was wondering this too. I remember Mathew saying they had recorded a ton of extra dialog, but that T4 would not interact with the OGs upon release. However, they’ve been out a while now. Hopefully it will be added in the next patch.


I’ve heard that one plenty as well. It’s not new