New decoy or old decoy


Wraith has been rough to play lately but I actually found better strategies at using her,

Primarily it’s the decoy that sets wraith high. Most people would disagree, but doing more set ups with decoy has made me win so many matches with Wraith.

Do you guys think that the decoy should be changed? I would say no, but it’s an open and respectful discussion.


I got into a discussion with @LordDeath over this not too long ago with the decoy changes. It’s for the better I feel, plus it’s probably likely that the adaptation for Wraith will have the ability to go invisible.


Have you read this post from Brandon about Wraith’s Decoy? I feel most have or at least know about some of the reasoning but I’ll post it anyway.

Personally, I’m ready for a change to Wraith.


i think it’d be cool is wraith adapt had a passive to go invisible as long as they’re not using abilities or attacking. so as long as wraith was walking/sneaking/staying still, it would passively go invisible after X secs.

but that might be too good…lol


She’s still my most anticipated adaptation :stuck_out_tongue:


Mastermind, you’re a smart guy, but that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said lol.

Finshed the table for medics btw, also did one for trappers, some interesting findings,


New decoy. I don’t need to rely on invisibility if I want to be sneaky.


haha. it really wasn’t but it would definitely end up toxic for players who can’t deal with it.


Wraith went from stealth assassin to steel cannon but I do like this new decoy change. Makes her fit her new role more. Hopefully her adaptation will be more stealthily.


Well it better be no way of telling which Wraith is real and which is just an illusion, otherwise the pressure won’t be relevied.


I think that the wraith adaptation is going to have the old wraiths decoy.


I hope not. I’d like wraiths decoy in wraiths adaption to have something we haven’t seen yet. Instead of what the abilities was on “OW”


You or hawk got any Kala numbers yet? I get back to my xbox tomorrow so might take a look myself


yea, we got em now


oo please share if you don’t mind.


I dunno. It’s being taken off of our current Wraith for a reason. I think they’ve got some other, cooler ideas cooking for the adaption.


yea, they’re not gonna let the invisibility coding go to waste now would they?


Why would they? It’s cool as shit. Hoping for a straight invis move, though. No reliance on a Decoy or AI.


The only things I’m looking forward to is the “Updated” Wraith and the Wraith Adaptation.

No Hype Train can handle my Hype for her…


i think a passive invisibility is workable. however, it would need some pretty strict balancing to prevent it from being toxic