New Decoy Change Idea


So how about instead of completely overhauling Decoy you just give players a choice if how to use it. Make it so when you use decoy you can are invisible as usual but you can also warp. However if you attack or use abilities you become visible and the decoy still works as it would until the duration ends. That way, brawler Wraiths get their fun, stealthy Wraiths get theirs without impacting how you marketed the game and the whole assassin aspect isn’t completely flushed down the toilet.

If this new take on decoy is made just rename it “Doppelgänger” since that’s what it is.

Wraith Worries

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A sort of compromise would be a nice way to work Decoy.

I think an interesting way to do it is a sort of movement trigger. For example, you’re in the dome, you pop Decoy. You go into sneak, stop moving, and after two, four, maybe even five seconds you become invisible for a time. No warping - the invisibility should be a tool for repositioning, not escape, and Wraith doesn’t Warp while cloaked in the trailer, so it’s accurate. However, if you keep moving, you do not cloak. You still have your Decoy, but you obviously wontt be able to do much escaping since people will still be able to see you clear as day.

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Yes, bring back the perfect Flee till 3 build, great idea


Flee till 3 is boring, but not overly difficult. Unless the Monster has insane juking skills, Flee till 3 never works to its full extent.

Also, current chase comp with Hyde? FT3 Decoy Wraith is going to get stomped.


Only problem with this is the Warp I feel. Too OP. But it’s a decent idea. The Decoy needs a health bar added to it though, so it can dissipate after enough damage. Like a sturdier Mimic. I actually like this idea for Adaptation Wraith, just lowering the damage of Decoy to equal or just below actual Wraith melee. Longer duration though. Could be named Phantom Decoy or something. Either that or a Wraith who can randomly use a single power (WB, Abduct, SN) and then instantly disappear.

Also, what’s FTFY?


@10shredder00 I forgot to tag you. What do you think of the ‘Movement trigger’ idea?


Except with this, it would, even better than it already does.

You can’t counterpick with a blind pick.
Also, balancing around one comp doesn’t work. If you don’t have Hyde? Lol, good luck finding her.


Perhaps with Shredder’s idea, but not with a movement-based trigger for invisibility. Read my idea, then tell me if that’s still too large a buff. I don’t think warping while invisible is fair for the Hunters. But even before the 28-second cooldown nerf on Decoy, Wraith is too slow for FT3 w/ Decoy to be very effective, unless you played on pubs and your team doesn’t know how to intercept.[quote=“Quirknaktor, post:9, topic:80881”]
If you don’t have Hyde? Lol, good luck finding her.

Markov’s Lightning Gun, Caira, any Trapper with stasis (since the stasis rings are visible on an invisible Wraith), Wasteland Maggie, Rogue Val, regular Val’s tranqs still slow the real Wraith after Decoy, provided the real Wraith was tranqed pre-Decoy.

Pretty much any Hunter with a timed effect can find Wraith much easier. You could arguably even do it with Lennox’s Autocannons.


Thats what I was referring to.
I could get behind your idea, as I have no issue with invisibility being a repositioning tool, but an escape tool? No. Thats not ok.

Again, what if you don’t pick these hunters? What if the team picks Laz/Hank/Griffin/Lennox? I see your point, but picking certain hunters to say “Oh just use W/X/Y/Z” doesn’t work, because its a blind pick. Also, I don’t believe that stasis rings are visible on a cloaked Wraith.


I kinda have to agree with Quirkles to an extent, the idea does feel like it could heavily influence most pubbers to fall back into a flee to three strategy (heck, we still do have ft3 strats in arena as I saw the other night)- I dunno, I think we need to see how the new decoy will pan out before we think about new ideas for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the reality underlying all of this (future change testing) is that invisible wraiths are a) going to find it almost impossible to exist in the world of DoTs that we live in now and b) that the invisible wraith play just hasn’t worked as a feasible gameplay style that is enjoyable for the masses.

If the above are indeed true, then giving people the option is as good as saying to not make the change in the first place.


Nah, let the invisibility go for now. IMO It just felt weird and awkward on modern wraith anyway. I’m really happy to see that Wraith is getting a decoy better fitting its current play style.

That said, I don’t want them to give up on old decay, but I’d much rather have them completely rework Wraith and re-introduce it again with an assassin Wraith Adaption.

I still think they should try out the changes to decoy that Plaff suggested a couple of times to avoid it turning it into FT3 shenanigans.

Also, when I talk about old decoy I talk about old decoy. Beta Decoy, warping while cloaked decoy.


Yeah this was how it was done in Natural Selection if I remember rightly, you could become pretty much invisible (especially in a dark spot) but only if you stopped moving. Great for ambushes, crap for being a cheesy tool to completely disorientate the other team.


While this is a fair statement, using WXYZ winds up being what a lot of people advise against Monster picks. To be honest, I feel like Evolve is balanced around Monster skill vs Hunter composition. Again, look at the chase comp. Should Evolve be balanced only around that comp? Of course not. But why is it popular? Because even skilled Monsters struggle against it. There’s no denying that there are some comps that are better than others; more adept at tracking down any kind of Monster and killing it.


Did you play during the beta?


Is there a difference between damage over time and direct damage? It may be possible for Invisible Wraith to survive provided that it is only revealed via direct damage. Or, maybe, that she is never revealed at all, but when hit by something with DoT the particles remain. She just doesn’t ‘blink.’

As for the masses being unhappy, I feel that’s more a side effect of Flee Till 3, rather than Wraith herself. Hence my idea for a movement-based trigger for invisibility. It might do well to prevent FT3, since Wraith needs to stop moving for a moment to become invisible - and even then, you would not make it far even if you successfully escaped using invisibility, since you’d be limited to Wraith’s normal speed.

The way you’re describing the movement trigger in Natural Selection sounds more similar to the cloaking system in Predator: Concrete Jungle, if you’ve ever played it. I mean that for 2-5 seconds, Wraith is completely opaque, but after that time of sitting still, she becomes completely invisible.


Sorry but the wraith should not be able to cover that kind of ground while 100% cloaked. I played the alpha so T3 was immediately unlocked for me in the beta. I experienced playing with warps during invisibility, and it is way too strong because of the distance you can cover while invisible (even with the new nerfed traversals). You could pop a decoy, warp 3x in any direction and the hunters would easily lose you.


Yep, in fact in the sequel aliens could be fully invisible while moving if they were sneaking/crouched. It was deemed way too powerful, especially for less experienced/organized players. Now invisible aliens have a predator silhouette when moving but it disappears when they are still.