New Day unveils "Booty O's Cereal", a real thing you can buy


##Sadly there aren’t any cereals in them at the moment, only a T-shirt. *places order right now… :pensive:

Link to WWEShop.


So I can eat the booty like groceries?



I don’t want my cereal to taste like butt though…


Quick, everyone shun the nay-sayer


I’d uhhhhh try it…


So, you can now tell people to almost literally eat arse.

Mate, I tell you what, the comeback: “How about I give you a spoon, and you eat my arse.” has never been more fitting.


why, would I eat cereal, from some people who have HORSE PENISES ON THEIR FOREHEADS!?!?


Three black men on a box of cereal. Should we try to make some sort of serious or fun product? Or should we just stereotype them and draw caricatures of them on a fake product and then give it some pseudo racist name that ties into something we think is highly prevalent in black culture. Cause we know they love the “booty”

F@(k this country. Americans will buy and sell anything at the expense of others and minority’s… Sad. If I put three prosthetic white women on a box of cereal and called it Boobie O’s or Bimbo O’s I wonder how society would like that…


What? The three black men are the ones selling the product. I don’t know anything about said product, but I’m betting these guys had a creative hand in it.




It’s done completely by them. Those three men on the box are them. It’s meant to be a piece of satire. It does that rather well.


I say F**k this country for everyone that is easily offended.


But everyone loves booty no matter their racial background, even the gays. Don’t they?


It depends on the person, but in general, yeah.


This brings “eating ass” to a whole new level.

Men have butts as well as women. Trust me, I am one.

You are looking at some very strange horse penises.


Their unicorns.


Lol, you do realize that the same three black individuals on the box are the same ones who made the damn cereal, right? God, I hate it when uninformed people such as yourself immediately pull the race card when something looks even slightly racist, without having the slightest idea as to what is actually going on.


Apparently women also look at male booty too, according to a few of my female friends. Either women find male ass attractive, or I hang out with some weird people.