New controller settings/options?


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Please make it adjustable so that we can decide how strong we need it, Maybe disable it complete. No one can be good with gamepad if you dont have a constant speed on your sticks, its like a inconsistent mouse acceleartion. In other simple words its like this atm: slower, slow, normal, fast, faster.


This is the zone when the sticks start to grab your inputs - It feels now set about 20% - 25% - This is to high I need more control-space. Games like Battlefield starting at 15% - 18% (Frostbite engine) this is a good practice. Please make it adjustable that we can set it.


At the moment the X axis is way faster than the Y axis. I get it that some scrubs need this but honestly how we can aim properly with this? Make it like every game settable for the X axis and Y axis separately. And whats happened now if we aim diagonal? A merge of both sensitivities?

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You have suggested that a few times in the past and it´s a valid point! I´ve never seen an answer on these questions though. Is it possible for you guys to work on these controll settings in general? If not, then just give it a quick shout and we don´t have to come up everytime and ask…thaaaanks :wink:


You should have tagged me, as these are all actually accessibility features :wink:

insert Tara having a lecture on how game accessibility features are great for all gamers and not just those with impairments, blah blah blah

I don’t see this coming in for TU09, but I’d be interested in following up on them.


Separate schemes for hunters and monsters would be nice…


I went through and tasked all these out tonight (and some more options). Tara is going to look over them tomorrow and then PD should start talking about if and when we can start bringing these options into the game.

I can’t say 100% yes or no these will make it in, but it’s being talked about internally. :slight_smile:


Nice! Would be an awesome upgrade mechanically-wise. Thanks for considering!


I’m most interested lowering the dead zone.


I am most interested to set the accelleration to a constant speed. At the moment it feels like a race car which is slow at start but fast at the end.


I like tje slow to start personally. Helps me be more precise.


Cause that make it setable :smiley: - For me its the worst thing cause the movement of the stick is not predictable…


@TheGuidance GentlemanSquirl told me that you maybe have some informations about why the PC Gamepad-Settings feel different than the console Gamepad-Settings.

I copy and paste the dialog here, that you know what was the topic:

For me I am way better with gamepad on PC than on Console. Here are the reasons why. This is what I figured out so far…


On PC the gamepad has…

  • almost a constant acceleration / speed.
  • way lower input lag, not sure if this is a ps4 thing or a game bug.
  • on the X and Y axis almost the same speed, not exactly the same but yeah at least better than on console
  • no deadzone (even if you tick the stick it starts to react, so nice)

Some other factors like 60 FPS and a larger field of View benefit as well the gamepad control on PC.


On console the gamepad control feels different cause. On console the gamepad has…

  • not a constant acceleration / speed
  • higher input lag (it got fixed already in TU6 or TU7 but yeah its still not like PC)
  • X and Y axis have different speed
  • deadzone is too high on console

I dont want to bash here anything, PC and Console are both great plattforms!!!
I just want to say that for me the gamepad on PC feels way more direct and fluent instead of the console version. It seems that they use different settings under the hood.

It would really interest me why there is so a big control-feeling-difference on the gamepad between console and PC. Why not just the same settings under the hood?


I’m just gonna point a couple things out here to offer my infinite wisdom (not really, just nitpicking and offering advice based on similar experience)

it’s not a PS4 thing or a bug. It’s a wireless controller thing. It takes more time to transmit a “jump” command through the air than it does through a wire. Connecting the controller should help with this at least a little.

I could have sworn that was already in the “options” screen. Could be wrong, though.

I think this is also largely the controller. I’ve got one newer controller and one older one. The newer one reacts a lot more smoothly and DIDN’T come with the PS4 when it was bought. There’s still some dead area, but not nearly as much as the older controllers. I also recommend buying a “professional” or “elite” controller from online. They are generally good quality, though they can get expensive.


I will never understand the infinite wisdom that made all console makers go wireless.

I use them because it’s what’s available but I absolutely hate wireless controllers. Way too many downsides that outshine the convenience of being untethered.


That’s literally it. People hated being forced to stay close, so the creators decided that it’s a good idea. At the time, it was a great decision. There wasn’t any heavily competitive games, and nobody took it seriously enough to make a fuss, or even care to begin with. Only recently has it become an “issue” with the rise in competitive and online gaming, and ANY lag has the ability to impact the match in some way. That’s the only reason PC has better gamepads. They’re generally connected directly and communicate instantly with the PC instead of having to send signals back and forth.


Yeah I never liked the idea. I held out as long as I could. I even had cabled co trollers for PS3 but I haven’t found any for PS4 and I do t trust off brand controllers.


You can use the charging cables. Same effect. You’d have to find a long one to be comfortable playing while connected, but it works.


Don’t forget you gotta find the right one. I have a long cable of the same sort but it doesn’t charge it. I think the wires are too thin in it. Bigger cords seem to work better for the controllers.

Haven’t found a long enough one that’s thick enough yet.


But in all seriousness, I feel your pain. Had to order one online.


I suppose I set myself up for that one.


My Xbox 360 PC-Controller is wireless as well like my PS4-Controller. The transmit delay of wireless gamepads are not noticeable, its just everytime the software what causes the issue.

No just sensitivity :frowning:

Yes and no! Not all Controllers are built the same way. So I have 8 Xbox 360 Controllers here and the best one can handle a deadzone at 16% (Frostbite engine setting). If I set it on the other controllers to 16% my player moves without touching the sticks. So its just cause not every controller is build the same way some have a better deadzone some a worse. Many games counter this issue by set the deadzone above 20%. Then its safe for every controller but maybe not the best setting for your Xbox Elite Controller :wink: