New content destroyed the game


The new hunters are just too OP. Slims ability to completely blind my ass makes it impossible to keep track of anybody. And when you do break the gap between your target sunny shields them and boosts them away. And if you focus her she goes invis while crow snares the fuck out of you. Torvald is just blasting your health away mindlessly. You can’t hide as a monster anymore because crow will find you effortlessly. As if birds and tracks weren’t enough of a pro for hunters. As someone who plays strictly monster, this game is ruined for me at this stage, and until they fix it I think I’m just going to play something else.


Are you complaining that the game is to hard now? I like the challenge, it was too easy before never losing or dying…


A challenge is something you can beat with a bit of thought
Tier 4 hunters are unbeatable as long as hunters have a brain.
That is not a challenge



T4 has literally been out for ONE DAY.

You obviously haven’t had time to adjust to different strategies.

TRS has obviously not had time to balance them



Create a perk for monsters that slows targets when you hit them. Or melee attacks do more damage against their shields while in the dome. Too hard? It’s too easy for hunters now. I consider myself a good monster and since the patch it takes everything I have to win and sometimes it’s not enough. Do I like a challenge? He’ll yes I do, but I don’t consider it a challenge if hunters only have to put minimal effort into locating me and fighting me. Frankly I consider crow a hack or all the t4 hunters but mainly him. It’s so hard to get to stage 2 and if I do they find me mid transformation and I lose a lot of health and get domed right after


There is one. You just have to find it. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are pretty easy to counter apart from Torvald who is just a damage dealing god. The radius of the anti-scent grenade isn’t huge. You need to jump out of it. I don’t think I have actually lost to a Slim yet…


If you never play hunters you’re probably not that good anyways. The best players play and know every role well.


I’m sure they tested it somewhat before the patch was released.


You’re right lyrix I must suck when I win almost 90% of the time. It’s not like I don’t know what hunters are capable of. You troll.


what percatage of games do you win now?


After waiting months for patch 1.3 the game felt largely balanced, then a couple of weeks later we are back to square one…greeeeeaaaaat.


Look my friend it has been one day. I am fairly sure you can’t learn all of quantum physics in one day (Unless your Tony Stark then please come and visit). It takes a few days to adjust and also the novelty of the new characters will die down and people will go to other things because they would have mastered the new character and want to get the rest done. Just calm yourself every game is like this when it gets content changing DLC for MP.


Yeah but it doesn’t take a few days to learn how to obliterate monsters as Torvald or any of the new hunters.


The best players actually know their own role best and uses what they’ve learned to counter their enemies. I like what we made here xD


I find mixes of old and new hunters more troublesome than purely new hunter combos, they all have such radically different strengths that there is always one who can be wrecked in any scenario.

Slim has trouble dealing with any type of offensive focus, Sunny is useless against aoe, Torvald can’t save himself, and Crow can’t do anything if he doesn’t know where to start looking.

Kill Sunny or Torvald first, then deal with Crow, followed by whoever you didn’t kill first, and finish off Slim, their damage output and defense broken leaves them with no good recovery options.

I find combos with all hunters playing to the same strengths far more tricky than all t4.

Cabot, Val, Griffin, Torvald for the long range pain is really deadly if you can’t force them into a cave.
Parnell, Slim, Abe, Bucket is appallingly strong at close combat.
Sunny, Val, Bucket, Hyde punishes you for even thinking about targeting one person
Crow, Cabot/Bucket, Laz, Parnell gives you no place to hide.


If the numbers show that they are a problem then then the characters will get addressed but in the case of Torvald an assault doing assault level of damage “Oh MY”! You just need to give it time. The game has a learning curve and monsters and players (yes even the new players playing as the DLC characters) will adapt to the style of the new game. I have played against plenty of the new characters who don’t know what the hell they are doing as well as teams who know how to exploit the abilities to the best they can be. TRS has already said they will be doing shadow patches to adjust certain aspects of the game so just give it time.


I beat T4 hunters as the Monster…Even as the “broken” behemoth. Just use tactics Brah!.. Crow ( for some reason the player never expects him to be targetted…) is the easiest to down first then striaght to Slim… smack the Sunny and buh bye Torvold… The Behemoth is actually my new favorite…Good CC… Amazing melee damage…Just don’t stand still.

But never play Behemoth on Weather Control…


Dude grow up as I can easily get to stage two and sometimes three so just calm down and find a new strategy


:disappointed: The mighty Quirkly admitting defeat. This must be an April Fools joke