New comps in Stage 2


List some of the best comps you’ve played in Stage 2 here!


Anything including Kala is fine for me.


Rogue Val, Maggie, Bucket and whatever can make for a ridiculously hard to down comp. Rogue val is supported by a possible 2 self heal bursts (Due to bucket). Bucket is being healed by Rogue Val and supported by trapper to stall. Bucket is the weakest link in this group and it can be hard against a maggie knowing how to trap properly.

Lennox, Slim, Hank + whoever. If you focus Slim, Lennox smashes you with plasma. Focus Lennox and you have Slim spamming and healing. Hank supports either. Focus Hank and you have Slim AND Lennox doing crazy damage + heals. Throw in a good trapper like Maggie/Abe and a good juking Hank is REALLY hard to kill.


Yesssss!!! Me and seeds did this comp all last night lol it’s very powerful!!!


Which one? :stuck_out_tongue:


How is the spores for slim? Heard they are really bad now.


Dunno, I rarely spore, almost always shooting and healing.


I guess that indirectly answers my question. LOL Not even worth using anymore.


Too be fair, I don’t main any character I play what my stream votes for. I’ve played slim like… 3 times in this version and all 3 either I am being focused hard or someone else is so I haven’t really had a chance to explore how good/bad it is.

As a monster player, I haven’t played against slim yet.


Rogue Val bucket


Ya, I knew those 2 were amazing in the early access version of the Stage 2 build. I was like, 100% free recharge on class abilities o.O


How’s Crow, Parnell, Cabot, Laz?


Bucket and rogue Val are a power couple right now, I feel they could go with any trapper and assault and you’d have a solid team


I mean once laz is down if you don’t get a lucky revive its over


Crow doesn’t really bring anything to the table for this one. Laz, Cabot + Parnell work but only if the trapper is the one downed so Cabot and Parnell can punish. That being said, playing trapper and deliberately getting in strike range to encourage the monster after you would be amusing.