New competitive game mode and maps! Mosh pit

I think we as a community need new maps that can be competitive and enjoyable, the new maps we got were honestly pretty weak sauce and no one likes to play on them. looking at broken hill mine
So what I purpose are new maps in completely different environments around shear, I was thinking of one of my favorite battlefield maps Alborz Mountains! I loved this map for so many reasons but mainly I liked how different the elevation and terrain was on it. I’m not saying make it exactly that size but I definitely think we should get a map like twice the size of fusion plant with cliffs and water falls like 3 times bigger than at the tyrant pit. There would be snow at the higher elevation parts of the map and on the mountains and some type of dense forrest on the lower parts. With huge caves underground that have been cut out by the rivers that flow from the snow melt.
I feel a map like that would be a hit with the community if done right.

Also I know I’m gonna get shit for suggesting this and people are going to scream “it’s not possible” but hold up a sec and put down your torches and pitch forks for a moment and listen.
I know for a fact that a game mode with 2 monsters is possible, this has been revealed through in game bugs numerous times. But the balance gets really fucked up when you talk about putting in 8 hunters. So I purpose a new game mode that ties into the games story involving 2 monsters (which have been proven to cooperate when they encounter each other)

This new game mode would be completely different from anything we’ve ever seen, yet would still hold true to what makes evolve so unique.
Basically it would be like this…
A settlement of colonists is under attack by 2 monsters and hunters must defend the armed colonists as much as possible with the help of turrets and other defenses, the 2 monsters start off at stage 1 and can go off and feed to become stronger or just charge in and try and rack up some kills. But the catch is an armed transport ship comes in at a certain amount of time to get the colonists to safety, this ship can be brought down by monsters with enough focus and damage but that means they would be ignoring everyone getting on board and if it gets away with out them destroying it than they would get no points/ kills
So the way the scoring system works is by counting how many colonists the monsters killed and how many the hunters saved, lIke the evac mode but played out in front of you. Also the hunters have respawns like in defend so it’s not like they can’t make a come back once they die.

This game mode is designed to be the most action packed and blood soaked game mode evolve has ever seen, and I feel confident that TRS could make it. Give the hunters some some more turrets and maybe even a few shield turrets and I think it would be suprisingly balanced with enough tweaks and enough outside the box thinking. But basically its a game mode designed to be the most combat intensive one this game has ever seen, and mixing and matching a team of monsters would add a completely new dynamic to the game.
I truly believe it’s possible, and hell even if it’s not perfectly balanced we all still wanted it since day one :smile:


Yus sur, agreed sur.

I have a feeling they will be here soon though

I like the idea of the two monster gamemode. The only problem is it would have to be a gamemode of its own, it wouldnt work in skirmish or evac because they have a queue for 5 people. That is unless the other monster is a bot.

Yeah it would be a separate game mode for sure. But I know people would love it.
It would be called mosh pit evac or something