New co-op mode is AMAZING!


I really love the challenge. Of course i expect ppl very quickly will learn how to kill queen gorgon, but then TRS can smply buff it even further :slight_smile:
The only thing is - reward should be higher. As it takes longer to play that match.

Still i want more bots like that plz, many more :slight_smile:


There is no challenge. I beat in my first time with a pug group with only 3 players. I was utterly bored for the entirety of it.


Don’t give the guy a hard time; he likes it, you don’t. Let people have their fun


I don’t understand how people can enjoy it. Its basically a linear path shooting gallery ending in a fight with a basic gorgon fight with bad AI.


yea same here


Apparently you guys didn’t go full try hard mode by rushing the map to get to the end, allowing the eggs to all spawn. Go try it if you think your frame rates can handle it! You want a challenge to stay Alive, you got it!


I somehow doubt that would be an actual challenge. You could easily just take abe and setup a zone of death at the entrance. And even if it is a challenge, it would be more of a puzzle solution than skillful execution.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! We’re working on some improvements to it to make it even better :dancer:


Now you’re just looking for ways NOT to like it and not to have fun…:weary:


Or maybe, I’m having more fun arguing on the internet than I would have playing that map.


Too bad I am on my iPad and can’t insert a gif for this sentiment. So I will say…so many favors and you choose to be salty, heh. :smirk:

I think you are missing a key factor of this map and that is in its potential…if TRS can put that many monsters on a map, what else can they do?


I acknowledge that it has potential. I will however not judge it based on potential it hasn’t achieved. By that same metric, I could judge it off of its potential to be bad. I am judging it, and will continue to judge it off of the state it is currently in, not what it could be.


I thought it was easy too cuz i had beaten it no problem a couple times with some pugs.

However the most recent time I played it it seemed way more challenging and I think that was due to us literally not shooting any eggs we came across and had a swarm of gorgons coming after us which was pretty intense.

Idk for everyone saying its too easy, just let all the eggs hatch and it at least becomes a little more challenging. Maybe still too easy to some, but its a change.


Well apparently if you leave them all and leave Queen Gorgon on like a bar of health, there are like fifty Gorgon minions at their strongest stage. I assume that would be a bit of a challenge. Especially in a small area.


What? They have stages? They aren’t even as strong as a stage 1 monster. I really doubt they could become strong enough to survive say Hyde’s gas grenade while trying to walk through Abe’s stasis grenade.


I’m pretty sure that as Queen Gorgon’s health goes down they do more damage or something. The announcer clearly says that “her brood goes stronger” and I don’t think it’s thrown in there for lols. And the eggs have a red particle effect or something when her health is damaged too.


Okay. That wasn’t in the challenge. The challenge was racing to the end without killing eggs. It never said anything about waiting for the minions to start showing up or keeping them alive.

But, yah I’m not interested in giving myself extra rules to make a challenge out of a mode I wouldn’t play normally, where it would normally have none.