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Check out the newest video explaining the new class abilities!


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Well someone beat you to it @Insane_521 so I guess I will copy paste what you have said about this new info until another thread is made:

Hey Everyone!

So today we’re giving a bit more detail on the new Hunter class abilities coming your way in
TU09! You can check out the video Grizzle kindly put together for us here:

So you’re maybe wondering why all this change, and why now? Well, these changes were
something we’ve talked about since around November of last year. We wanted to start
addressing issues we ran into with the gameplay in Evolve, and making these class ability
transitions were part of our solution (the rest comes along with TU09). But we’re excited to hear
your feedback on what we have so far (note it is in development, so anything can change).
Detailed Breakdown (With some dev insight)

Trapper Class Ability

● This is a big one for us. Many of you know that on release many people had the
complaint about the game being a running simulator, and that many players lacked a
feeling of direction or where they should actually go in the vast expansive maps of
Shear. So adding this new ability to the game was a must for us with the direction we’re
taking the game for TU09. Basically the trapper activates the ability, and the Monsters
general location will be displayed on the compass for ALL Hunters. It also grants the
Trapper some super speed for a brief period to help keep the Trapper ahead of the pack
to keep tracking that damn Monster. We’ve spent a lot of time tuning this ability over the
past 8~ Months, but right now it’s feeling great. Speaking for myself and Guidance as
Monster players, we still feel like we have options despite it appearing that this kills any
sneaking or smart map movements a Monster can do.

Assault Class Ability

● This one came after the Support changes, but it ended up solving an issue we found
with newer players quite often. Basically, there was no easy way for us to communicate
that “Hey when that shield is up please don’t focus the Big Electrical Russian man with a
shield around him”. So in turning it into an ability that grants 75% DR for 10 seconds, it’s
clear to a player “Hey this guy is super tanky when this White Hex effect is around him, I
should focus someone else”. Also we wanted to keep shields exclusive to the Support
class, so if you ever see a shield used in TU09, you know who it is coming from.

Support Class Ability

● Our goal here was to eliminate the toxicity that having a cloak would bring into the game
during fights. We wanted to replace the ability with something that all supports could use
to protect their team, and actually Support them. This right now functions as a simple
active and a burst of shield energy will be applied to the Support and the Hunter team in
30m radius. Much like the heal burst has become unique to Medics, we’re investigating
making each of the Supports have a unique style of shielding.
So thanks for reading through all of this crazy stuff we’re going to be throwing your way in TU09.
I know it is a lot to take in right now, but trust me everything will make sense once we’re able to
reveal the whole picture of TU09.

Happy Hunting,


TU09 New Class Abilities: GrizzleMarine and TRS INFO DROP!


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