New Civil War trailer (And discussion)


Hooolllly hell I’m even more hyped


I still can’t feel that Cpt. America and Iron Man are in the opposite roles. Tony Stark has always been the one about breaking the rules etc… Other than that I’ve really liked the Cpt. America movies


This looks a lot better than Avenger’s 2 IMO! I am digging the fight scenes between Cap and IronMan.

Spiderman’s eyes moving and his CGI costume threw me off a bit…


He’s doing the Deadpool thing!


Yeah, you’re right. Pretty cool either way.


Woah, Black panther and now Spiderman!!!

Black panther was my superhero idol (Yes I meant was)


They made Black Panther look really cool too huh


Yes, yes they did


Spider-Man !!!


Makes me wonder if they go the “unmasking” route with Spiderman even though the rest of them have pretty known identities. It would show that some heroes are willing to give up their unknown secret for it


Since there is this robotic noise when closing his eyes we can assume this is the spider-man suit that ironman made for him.

But why does it look so…cgi-ish?Cartoon-ish? It seems so weird.Was the whole spiderman scene in the trailer just cgi?


"hey everyone"
I like how those are the words that hype people. It’s like he spoke to the camera. :stuck_out_tongue:


kill off Iron-man, Widow, and turn Vision to Cap’s side, then I’ll be happy :kissing:

I’m all about the Cap’!
Plus Captain America’s team has way more cooler and likable characters. >3>

Also, Ant-man looked super rad riding Hawkeye’s arrow ^^


I’m alright with the new Spider-Man costume. It is definitely different from the previous 2, though the eyes are a tad… unsettling unless it’s the Iron Spider costume.

I was really hoping the film wasn’t just about Cap’s search for Bucky, and the new trailer made it seem like the Superhero Registration Act is happening, though I’m still surprised that Widow is on Stark’s side. Iron Man 2 ended with them disliking each other, and Avengers and AoU didn’t do anything to say they had buried that hatchet.


They managed to pack so much hype into one trailer. Black Panther being awesome, Spiderman showing up, brief moments of conflict.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go scan through every frame for references and clues.


God that trailer was amazing, and spiderman! They finally made him a teen :slight_smile: .


i had to rewatch it to listen for that and i agree. it probably is the suit and im happy about it…[quote=“Deity_Pharaoh, post:16, topic:84784”]
They finally made him a teen

it seems like it!


But the suit ironman made him is like this

The suit he wears in the trailer is a very good replication of the comics but as a normal spiderman.Yet his eyes are doing robotic sounds.

I’m confused


It’s cool that there’s SPiderman and stuff, but I’m a bit tired of this hype culture where you get a thousand trailers with all the good stuff in a movie, leaks, etc, etc. What is there to surprise you when you finally get to see the movie?

The Deadpool trailers caused that when I got to see the movie I didn’t laugh at the scenes I already had seen.