New characters marketing strategy? (2k/trs)


Dear 2k/TRS,


The core of your game is extremely good, balanced and competitive. It’s potential is excellent and i look forward to watching the game… evolve XD

However, TIER 4 characters seem PURPOSEFULLY designed to be more powerful and easier to use than previous TIERS. Doing this allows beginner hunters an edge by reducing the skill level required to manage their abilities and to put more pressure on monster players with their damage potentials. I feel like these characters are a similar strategy EA uses with their BATTLEFIELD franchise in which they’ll release a content pack with 1 maybe 2 OP weapons in them on purpose and as those who haven’t payed for the content pack with those 1-2 weapons get owned by said weapons… decide they need the content to have those weapons… later patched to keep the peace amongst the competitive community and other angry gamers and being told that the developers are “LISTENING” to their fanbase… -_-

I feel as if T4 characters & Monster are a direct response to issues with “ACCESSIBILITY” for the casual market who struggle with the game and have complained as they do about how “hard” the game is in so many words.

PLEASE! Do not take this approach with EVOLVE. You must grow your user base by providing solid, tested content that doesn’t risk the overall balance of the game. When you start balancing work for a patch, take baby steps… when MARKOV’s mines weren’t being used as intended all you had to do was increase the arm timer… not nerf their damage and their hit points. BABY STEPS.

I really love this game, i’ve been working to help build it’s user base, especially in my region and beating the games drum all over the place but don’t do this now, not now that people are starting to listen and try the game.

And clean up the match making, buggy content resets and server crashing… PEOPLE ARE TRYING THIS GAME AGAIN and it’s extremely frustrating just trying to maintain a party of 4 for a few solid games.


They are indeed not made to be more powerful.

It’s just them being hard to get used to. People had that issue with Caira in Beta too.


Not to mention there will be future balance changes scaling back Sunny and Slim’s damage slightly.

It’ll balance out in the end.


Sorry but the quotes from the designer object to them being hard to get used to:

The nerfs are incomming.

However I do agree with the OP. This entire move stinks of marketing over mechanics. While I will keep playing Evolve, the DC for colored weapons instead of full-hunter look changes, the focus on pushing to release their t4 instead of fixing the initial release (took them a MONTH to do, and after they did it only lasted 3 days until the t4 appeared) - it all contributes to me having a VERY bad view of TRS and any future release they consider launching.

They have lost a long-term customer with me, and I will be spreading World of Mouth of my opinion on this - which will mean I will influence more people to consider my view and take even MORE business from them. And while I may only be one person, I strongly suspect my feelings are not exclusive.

Evolve may end up being good, but TRS will need to SERIOUSLY change their focus from a business plan to an entertainment provider for them to be given future respect.


Uh, what? How does Mac’s post prove that T4 is easy to get used to? All I’m seeing is a W/L Ratio. That says that Torvald is winning too much. Which means that he’s somehow outplaying the Monsters he faces. Which either means that the Monsters he’s facing are too weak, his teams too good, the Monster players have not yet adjusted to his abilities, or he’s OP. Many possibilities to be questioned before stating he’s OP.

Mac’s post is just telemetry. Statistic. An Algorithm. It can be wrong if the input is flawed, or if it’s not suited for the situation.