New character intro video


I don’t know much about the other characters but the kraken has a new intro video with nice voice lady.

Don’t be alarmed there are still

Heavy Damage


Death From Above


Kraken’s intro video was changed?! PRE_ORDER CANCE-

-Nevermind then, it is fine…


They changed all intros. Must of the them were barely noticeable. What really stood out was hank (or bucket, can’t remember).

They gave like real tips instead of just explaining his abilities.


Really? Hmm. Now I have to watch the tuts again.


I hope for Behemoth they tell us how his heavy damage deals heavy damage…and when he climbs his own wall he falls like death from above! Daisy needs a tutorial too…and this video should be it:

(How is this video not viral yet!?)


It is viral for me.