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Continuing the discussion from Hunt 2.0 Knowledge Drop (New Info added 7/31/2015):

Patch notes here.


Hope this arrives soon. Excited about a new leaderboard to climb for Goliath. Tired of games against 1/2 hunters and a bunch of bots.


You sir, deserve a meddle

As am I, I look forward to the Hunt 2.0 update. Should make everything fairly interesting.

Just FYI: Hunt 2.0 has nothing to do with Tier 5 DLC, and is only tangentially linked to announced balance changes. If you want to rename this to being a discussion on upcoming announcements that’d be awesome, and all encompassing, and no-one would have an issue with that I feel.

No point getting in a hump over the situation which is that the posts in that thread were overwhelmingly off-topic in a place where the devs are really keen to make it a tight dialogue on the specific topic being discussed :slight_smile:

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There you are.

So… this thread still isn’t for discussion of the new hunters, or balance changes, etc? Since none of them have anything to do with Hunt 2.0 which is the ranked format of playing hunt from whenever it’s released?

Hunters are connected, and affect Hunt 2.0 in the future. They’re either in the same release, or are going to be released shortly after Hunt 2.0. That in itself, needs a discussion for anything connected to such a major game change.

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They’re connected only in the sense that they’ll be in an update, which may not be the Hunt 2.0 update, and that they’re both updates for evolve.

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If you feel so strongly change the title

They’re both major updates, that change the way the game is played. New hunters directly affect the new mode.

As Huddle said, if you feel inclined to do so, you may change the title to what you feel appropriate. So long as it encompasses the point of the thread.

How do they?

There you are. Title is more appropriate now.
They affect the meta, the balance, and they are to be played within the mode. There are three reasons they’re connected?

Once this update comes out, whenever the next hunter comes everyone’s gonna choose him. This’ll be fun to watch

I found when Lennox came out that generally people who had been her a couple of times started offering up the spot to anyone that hadn’t had a go yet. I’m sure the same will happen with the next hunter update. However the next hunter update isn’t necessarily the hunt 2.0 update!

That’s good, I still can’t wait for this update.
Hopefully it attracts more players or brings old ones back

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There’s no confirmation which hunter is coming next, or if the monster is the one coming next… could be anyone one of them. I don’t know why I called it the trapper update, everyone constantly talking about the next hunter being the trapper even though they don’t know for sure it is clearly gets in to your head!

It’s either medic or trapper if the new hunter is is the one in the dialogue, the community decided it’s going to be the trapper so that’s what everyone refers to it as

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Other than that one big hint in the Telemetry thread.

Since it was moved, I believe these are on topic now.

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