New challenges?


Have I missed a weekend challenge somewhere? Seems like its been awhile. Might just be me. Last one I remember was on valentines. Thanks for any info on a upcoming challenge, or posting one I’ve missed.


No, no more challenges since abe&caira :confused:


Ah, thanks. Now here’s hoping a dev or someone will come in saying one will be here Soon™.


Idk, i think they are too busy now and maybe that’s why they can’t set up the challenges (I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT THIS). :confused:


Btw, if they are going to bring up a challenge for us, i’m sure they will make us know about it :wink:
@Jedi_Warrior @ToiletWraith close for question answered?


Whelp, half answered anyway. :slight_smile: Close it if it’s a distraction I guess.


Question answered. Devs can still respond should they have any extra info they want to share. :slightly_smiling: