New Camera


So I’m not sure whom may or may not know but recently my birthday has come to pass (thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes) but for my birthday I got a new camera. This is a stock photo of the camera:

As noticeable in the picture it has a 28x zoom and is capable of 20.2 megapixel pictures. I like taking photos of just random things that I find cool and tonight I managed to see the (almost) full moon and tried taking a photo of it. I had to move around my backyard quite a bit but I got four photos, I’ll post them all here, the first of which is the only one not using a tripod or night-mode so it came out rather, bad to say the least.

(In the above photo I actually managed to capture a single leaf on one of the branches)

Overall, having not taken any actual pictures with what I would consider to be a more “professional” camera as opposed to my cell phone’s camera, I’d say I’m quite happy with these results :slightly_smiling:


I remember seeing a thread on reddit showcasing a similar Nikon camera capturing the moon with its stupid (but awesome) high magnification. I use to be into cameras, but I blew thousands of cash on equipment. At least I managed to sell most of it.

Night shots are pretty tricky, is your camera able to change ISO, shutter and aperture settings?


To be completely honest I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t fiddled with it too much but I’ll look around a bit and see what it can and cannot do.


Is it an L340 camera? If so it has no manual settings, unfortunately. Your best bet is using a tripod or night-mode and be still as possible when shooting in the dark or set it on an object and activate the shutter if the situation permits.


Pfft. Digital plebs.


The first photo posted looks kinda like a potato


Psh, I would have been more impressed if you had used your new camera to take a picture of the camera instead of using a stock photo :wink:


I would too since I’d somehow need to duplicate it :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent pictures! Can you get some shots like this of the moon during the day? I would be really interested in seeing more.


I might, I’d have to wait and see when I’ll be able to see the moon during the day but next time I see it I’ll give it a “shot” (hehehe)!



Looks like you missed there