New Bug PS4 - Wins no longer Count, Victory screen says Demoted

New pain to add to current Hunt 2.0 woes:

My last 3 wins as monster have not registered, instead I win and get presented with this screen:

So as a Silver Master, winning showed getting 0 points, then that screen says Iv been demoted an entire division and stays that way in MM screen.

Luckily restarting the game puts my rank bank but the match will not count as.

Now worried this glitch might stick so can no longer even play as monster.

Hope it can be fixed

Has this only been happening in the past hour or two?

Yup, literally the only 3 matches found in almost 2 hours

Could possibly the fact that the Servers had to be put down, play a game now and tell meh if the problem persists. :slight_smile:


If this is related to the servers being down, then it should be fixed now

On the safe side will give it 24hrs lol

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hoping for the best for you…keep us posted.

Seems back to normal :slight_smile:

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Well that is good to know! :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping us updated.