New Bug for TRS :) [PC]

Her, so we were playing on Barracks, Wraith traversaled, got grabbed by Griffin harpoon and ended up in the rock.
Thought i’d let you know. :wink:

Wow, that’s a weird one. She was stuck there for the rest of the game?

Actually,.we did the same thing. Traversal and Harpoon to get her out… She got out about 10 more seconds after screenshot was taken.

Wouldn’t be the first time:

Although sometimes monsters don’t even need any help from hunters to get stuck into cliffs or buildings. Seem to happen a lot lately.

“Weird one”?

This happens like once every 3 matches I play as Griffin.
Barracks being the most common map of this occurrence by a fairly big margin.

I dunno. Never happened to me. Maybe I’m just not playing enough Griffin. o_0

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This has happened with Behemoth before [PS4]. I Griffin pooned him as he was climbing and got stuck in the rock.

It’s only happened once in the last 2 months or so.

i got stuck on a house one game. was able to evolve in there also but not escape.