New buffs/perks


a new perk that could maybe increase evolve speed
one that can makes ability’s be used faster as monster like goliaths rock throw charge and leap smashs happen faster so hunters don’t expect it


And hunter counterparts? :stuck_out_tongue:


A very nice idea. I think the Evolution perk should be considered. We would just need to think of a balance for Hunters while that perk was equipped. Perhaps increased damage to the Monsters while evolving? Even though the Monster always is hard to find, movement speed perks for one hunter and extra damage to another hunter would allow to find and track the monster better, and when you arrive to an evolving monster, have the damage to take it down faster. But only when evolving… not anywhere else, of course lol.


Faster dropship? I don’t know what the opposite for the Hunters would be


What if two people are respawning but only one has the perk? Is one a madman and jumps out earlier?


“Dropship’s coming in 20 seconds”
“Bugger that!” Hyde boots dropship door open and dives 20 seconds earlier than the others
"Did he just-"


well that would work


"About halfway through that question I thought, ‘Why am I asking this?’ "


I’ve always felt a fire rate increase would be a nice perk. Even a perk for faster class cooldowns, but not faster weapon/item reloads. Tumble resistance, knockback resist, fireproof (not entirely, but decrease the DoT on you by a set % value), longer incap survival, jetpack efficiency, range boost for weapons/items, increased accuracy, and other such stuff.


Hyde: "Oi!!! Where are you lot at?!"
Cabot: "Hyde we’ve been near the Aviary the entire battle. Where are you?"
Hyde looks around the inside of Broken Hill Mine.
“I’ll be on my way shortly. Jimminy Crocket!”


I’ve also been thinking about this! I would LOVE new perks for both hunters and monsters. But I still want them to remove the wildlife perks before they do anything else :frowning:


I now have images of Hyde just jumping through the closed dropship blast doors.

“I ain’t got time for this shit, faces need meltin’!”


The Devs said they wanted to add new perks a very long time ago, didn’t they?


they need to remove perks and buffs IMO


I’ve got some suggestions too for new perks (hunters) :-

Adrenaline junky (Double jump thrust ability distance/speed increase 10%)

Caged animal (Increase dome duration for extra 30secs 1x use only per game)

Feral instints (Every dome you become immune to wildlife attacks within the dome and wildlife/plant traps become visible for team mate call outs)

Self defence (when your “primary gun” runs dry you get a 5s electric defence that if the monster attacks you he gets HP damage,has cooldown so can’t misuse it)

Ejection pod (when respawning from dropship after death you fall almost instantly via a dropship pod)

Dual core jet pack (Increase jet pack fuel by 10% and drains 5% slower)


Oh my god that would be so broken :joy:


Lol completely agreed. The devs seems to have an unholy love for them though… :frowning:



  • Decrease class abilty cooldown 15%

  • Increased weapon accuracy 50%

  • Emergency first aid kit (revives you if you go down after 3 seconds, 1 time use)


  • Decreased evole time 50%

  • Increased speed of abilities 20%

  • Increase traversal capacity 33.3% (takes longer to charge to full but you get 1 extra traversal)


I’m like the 0.1% who thinks the current number of perks is just right I see.


I think these are pretty solid ideas, although 50% faster evolve time is probably too much, maybe 20 or 25% instead.

Same with Hunter Accuracy, maybe 25-35% but not 50%