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So! As we all know, Bucket got a huge change in this patch. Mechanized Recharge. This ability instantly recharges any hunter’s Class Ability to full.


  1. Bounty Hunter is your best friend. Your turrets are going to get wrecked a LOT before you understand good placement, and this perk lets you throw them down and keep on trucking

  2. Good placement. Know what monster you fight, and what the best turret placement is for them.
    -Gorgon, spread the turrets out around the dome to take out spider trap.
    -Behemoth, triangle formation to cover from his Fissure.
    -Kraken, place them up high. The list goes on.

  3. Communication. Talking with your team is a huge key with Bucket. Let them know where the turrets are by pinging their locations when you get into a dome. Ask when they need Mechanized Recharge! I have seen too many MR’s go to waste when Bucket’s assume that the others need them.
    -Pair Bucket with Lazarus. When a teammate is about to go down, and Lazarus uses his Heal Burst, use Mechanized Recharge to replenish Lazarus’s Healing Burst so that the wounded teammate can make a better recovery.

  4. YOU ARE A BETTER HANK THAN HANK. With Title Update 9, Hank’s Shield Projector has taken quite a hit. Using Bucket, however, you have the ability to shield the ENTIRE team, for up to 2/3 of the total capacity. Here’s how it works:
    -Use Shield Core to bring their shields up to 1/3.
    -Immediately use Mechanized Recharge.
    -Use Shield Core a second time to bring your ENTIRE team up to 2/3 shields. Useful for blocking Fissure or other such multi-target abilities

  5. Without practice, your Guided Missile Launcher is crap. The sooner you learn this, the better. Your missile launcher only has a maximum clip damage of 200 (5 rockets x 40 damage per rocket). HOWEVER, there is a way to make it not crap.

The GML is one of the lowest damage per clip weapons that I have seen so far in this patch. BUT, if you master the art of sick curves, you can hit the monster across the map and at really funky angles. The silver lining of this weapon is that, while it only does 40 damage per rocket, it delivers it all at once. Be creative with your rockets.
-Jump in the air to shoot a rocket above a cliff edge. When your feet land back on the ground, it will pull the rocket into a light curve that should hit any lurking monster above.
-Let the rocket pass a bit around an obstacle, then WRENCH your mouse to the side. The rocket will curve around and hit the monster hiding there.
-Use the proximity explosion to your advantage - hide behind a rock face and shoot from behind it. The explosion radius will usually hit the monster for 30-40 damage.

Let’s face it. You will die. I will die. It happens to everyone in this game, and it sure as hell is going to happen to you.
There is a way to die with Bucket that will take out significant chunks of the Monster’s health. How?
If you are about to be incapped, run to your turrets. You will fall between them, and you have the luxury of the monster either
-Ignoring you and your team and killing the turrets, allowing for you to be revived.
-Ignore the turrets and suffer massive health damage from your pistol, your team, and your turrets.
-Retreat to avoid massive health damage.
If you jump before you are about to be incapped, you can usually throw down 1-2 turrets before you actually hit the ground. This is useful to create a no-go zone for the monster to stay away from your body. Remember that your pistol does a LOT of damage - USE IT. Your shield core can still be used when incapped. USE IT.

#This concludes my bucket of tips :bucket_cute:

Have any more to add? Questions? Leave a comment!


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