New Breed - Fire Kraken

The first new Breed is the Meteor Goliath. In my Opinion, now they has to be a new Breed of the Kraken.So I think that the thunders and everything else what the Kraken produces is fire now.That just would be awesome.And it makes also fire damage but his attacks have a longer cooldown and aren`t so powerful.I think this is a nice idea. PS:It glows red or it Looks like it burns

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You kinda just took Kraken and made it Meteor Goliath.


Fire Kraken is one of my favorite Skylanders!

I get what you are saying though…it’s an interesting idea.

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Best idea out there right now is Frost/Colossus Behemoth. It would be prefect. Rock Wall is an Ice Wall, Fissure is an “Avalanche”, Tongue Grab is basically the same, Lava Bomb could be an area of ice that makes hunters slower and/or freeze.


Toxic green tentacle beast Kraken plz.

I think they should add a snowy map to go with him

They can call it Aviary, or Distillery. Maybe even Medlab? Just throwing a few ideas out there.

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That would be really un original in my opinion, just take the changes to gol and add it to kraken?

I think it could work. Have you guys seen a fire tornado?

That would make a really awesome looking Lightning Strike! banshee Mines could turn into fireballs. Vortex could be red in hue, and aftershock could be…er…I dunno…this?


Zelda OoT… sighs in happiness THAT was a game…

I think Kraken is likely to stay lightning based, since they aren’t really changing the attack types. MG still jumps on you, throws rocks at you, runs into you, and breathes fire on you. Just has extra flamez.

I’d expect to see Kraken maybe get a slow down effect, or something. Maybe his electric abilities are paralyzing the hunters, or something. Longer cool downs, less damage, but reduce hunter speeds.

It’d be interesting to see electric DoT effects on all of Krakens attacks, kinda of like MG’s fire DoT.

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Why did I think of this the second I read the title.