New Blitz Markov and Rogue Val adaptations/variant confirmed

Well since she’s called rogue val Im pretty sure they might add a cloaking ability ex: every sniper shot gets you cloaked for 2 seconds

oh man. I can’t wait to see how these work. I hope markov gets some major lightning action - I was kinda bummed when I learned his rifle did more damage than his lightning. I am so hyped!

I think it’s kind of cool, it’s only in the best case scenario that the rifle does more damage and it adds a certain degree of complication to Markov’s play. However, as a lover of lightning I don’t really like Markov. Assault rifles are boring, not too fussed about the mines and the arc lightning is a little… weird. Not shocking enough for me. So, I second the notion. More chaotic lightning! More stormy death!

He means it in a way where the game is putting in more and more hunters which makes for stronger and stronger(broken) hunter comps. Monster have only 4 abilities even with variants they can only pull so much combo before the hunters destroy any chance it has.

I tried doing some hunter adaptation but it didn’t end well…

[quote=“MrTalha, post:15, topic:70861, full:true”]
“hunters can pick from 16 different hunters already, it makes them OP. Only monsters should have the freedom of choise yada-yada.”
[/quote] You hit the nail on the head, man. The self entitlement is crazy!

Maybe the Val tweaks will make her the medic I always dreamed of. I’m excited for this. She is my favorite character.

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Here’s hoping :smile:

I’m an assault main so I’m hoping that Blitz Markov makes him more interesting than he has been for me in the past. Still won’t top Hyde, but you know.

Imagine the chaos it’ll bring if they didn’t release Val and Markov together…

90% of people will try to queue for medic to play Val, 90% of those probably can’t play medic worth shit.

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They already do this whenever a new character comes out

New val and markov stuff?


I wonder if Rogue Val will be a cloaking Val with a deadlier sniper rifle.


stahp. i already love val enough dont make the love grow even higher lol.

After these skins come out watch. People will be crying OP. I can see the salty sea now.

…Val as Quiet from MGS:V with a medgun.



Close enough.




= Somebody we all already know? :frowning:

More powerful. Is Val gets a cloak then she would be uber powerful right off the bat without changing anything else. I mean fire a weakspot into the monster? Sweet, no need to decloak to see that bonsu dmg stack up fast.