New Beta 2.0?


So i have an idea.

Since there is going to be a lot of changes coming to Evolve, what about having a Closed Beta and an Open Beta. A lot of people haven’t bought Evolve because of the restrictions, like how the Trapper is the only one who can dome, etc. BUT TRS has changed it! Why not give it a second chance. Let people try out the changes and see how they like it. First we have a closed beta for 1 week. In order to activated the Closed Beta, you must have Evolve. For the Open Beta, everyone will have it for 1 week and can be downloaded for free from the Console store or PC?

Hope you like the idea, I do!!

This will be great advertising too!

BTW: I know TRS cannot take any ideas from us, but hopefully my consent will pass all the legal crap :slight_smile:


Why give them extra work to do when functionally, it’s the same as a free weekend? They’d have to create a whole second client and go through Steam and other distributors to make it work.


Fun fact: The micropatch has provided them with feedback on the decisions they’re making so we’ve all be participating, somewhat, in a kind of beta for them.


seems a bit extreme. I thought it was releasing the game as if it was 9.0 but letting it be open to everyone.


but it isn’t 9.0 :wink:


What it comes down to is time & money. It’d be easier for them to do a free weekend than create a second client for a beta/alpha/whatever, and it’d just split up the playerbase.