New Behemoth Weak Spot


It seems that when ever I play Behemoth my health would just get shredded even by a single hunter when they hit me in the weak spot. So, my brother and I came up with the idea that the weak spot should be on his head and if you shoot him enough he will roar and when he does his eyes and mouth will be exposed. The weak spot would also do 3x damage. The roar would look this.

EDIT: My brother came up with the idea that the stomach could still be a weak spot but it would be 1.5.


nice idea for t5 monster^^


“Behemoth can extend his tongue and be a total creeper creep while dealing heavy damage.”

That tongue scares me in the first picture… it’s like… just so there… and wiggly… and moist.



the fact that his face like peels back to reveal his real face is the sickest thing iv seen in a long time. he looks amazing. but sometimes when he yells like that the rocks become a unibrow…lol it looks funny.


Thank you…for reminding me of that lovely little thing. Strained smile.


This women in the gif scares me.


so does that mean that only 1 eye is real? cuz the other ones lift up they are not connected lol.


Her work here is done.