New Behemoth Skin


I can’t wait until Sunday!! The new Amber Behemoth is gonna be awesome!!


What’s this? Is it confirmed?


I have heard no such thing, enlighten me.


Need details


Just… Search it? I dunno. I thought that everyone knew by now


Umm? What do you mean? I thought everyone knew about it


I did search it, there is no info. Not going to bother looking further.


The fact that you believe “everyone knows about it”, and that you have failed to provide any evidence leads to believe you are just a liar.


Then you, sir, are correct!

Um, yea. Sorry, I’m bored


Well at least you admitted it. Most trolls just take the game too far, and cause nothing but annoyance. Good man.


Yea, sorry. I don’t usually do this… I like seeing people freak out about cool stuff. I still laugh at how my friend reacted when I showed him the Tier 4 reveal.


Hey. I lied. Hehe sorry, I’m bored. No hard feelings?