New adaptations, long time coming


So obviously I don’t think anyone expects to see a Wraith adaptation before we get through Tier 2.5 as I like to call them. So I was just getting curious as the new patch should be coming before the end of June and that leaves room for the adaptations to come along with the patch as per usual, and since they’ve had such a longer time to work on these guys I was really wondering could we see a full release of all 4 of them within the same time as each other? Maybe altogether? I’m not sure if they even have been working on them but I don’t see why they wouldn’t try to get ahead of their work since no new content could be released. Now I don’t expect to see a full on trailer (although wannabe Cthulhu had one) but maybe we could expect some teasers within the coming weeks or at least something confirming their development is almost complete?

What’re your guys’ thoughts on everyone’s favorite robot, face melter, Lazarus man, and famous hunter’s adaptations? I know I’ve been anxiously awaiting some actual new content to enjoy, updates are nice but these are something that we can see and its something new to experiment with, find new comps.


Alt Laz glove should self destruct upon use, inflicting massive damage to himself.

That would make me sooooooo happy. :smiley:


TU9 is coming before the end of July, not June.
I don’t think that the variations will be released together, there could be a risk of unbalance like Tier 4.


Did they make an announcement on release date for TU9?


Not that I am aware of… I’m sure if they did it would be more heavily talked about on here.


Yep we have no release date, the update was coming during the summer, but a dev said that the update will be release sooner that they expected, he said 3-4 weeks earlier. So the release date will be before the end of July.


Hmmm…I feel like I’m missing something here; if we didn’t have a date before, how could we know “3-4 weeks earlier” is around the end of July?

Sorry, just wanting to know how certain we are with expected dates as the only thing I’ve heard is June or July (which is a pretty big window)


well they did say the month of release started with a j. That’s the only concrete info we got.

I haven’t heard about this earlier than expected news though.


Before it was : TU9 coming this summer so in June, July and August
Then a dev said : TU9 is coming 3-4 weeks earlier than we tought
So it can’t be in August because there is around 4 weeks in august.
I didn’t say it will be release at the end of July, but before the end of July.


They said it’ll be released in a month beginning with J.

Edit: @CptBoomBoom already said this ¬_¬


They will be released once per quarter. Can’t wait for Ciara in 2018!


I think there could be one character per two/three weeks.
Enough time to see if the character is broken.
Just thinking…


Alright, Jesus I said before the end of June because I was told that summer technically started in May before, so I presumed that they had it planned for July therefore leading me to assume that 3-4 weeks earlier was in Mid-late June. Disregard the June statement because I guess their perfect representation of summer would have to be June 20th, were it “officially starts.” Now I guess we’re meant to wait even longer than I had ever hoped, cool.


Oh crap I totally forgot summer begin the 20th of June… More time to wait :weary:



Were you here for the release of the T4 Hunters? Mistakes were made.


Guys, it’s ok. My Birthday is at the end of June and TRS is going to hook us up for it :wink: [SPOILER] I hope [/SPOILER]

Also Adaptations won’t drop until after TU09 has settled in.


Mine is too!!!


January 2017 ocnfirmed


Well if they said earlier than expected and the expected time was summer… Then that means not summer or super early summer. Since they didn’t really say when in summer. So I say mid June.