New adaptation outlines on 'Founders' page


Thought everyone would be interested in the character outlines for the (possible) adaptations. The characters are all placed a bit haphazardly … strangely … but the new characters are listed along the bottom.


I did notice this. I noticed E-Griffin, C-Bucket Caira and Abe


I’m pretty sure that last one is Parnell. I don’t think he’s been teased until now :wink:


Might be hyde.

Decided to go mechanized and stop having to carry his minigun around. Now it’s an over the shoulder rig like the predators plasma cannon thingy.


This is 100% C-Bucket full made of RocketLauncher O.o


The silhoutte’s are shown here :

If you hover over them, it tells you who they are - E-Griffin, Q-Caira, R-Abe, P-Parnell, and you get a brief description


So 80’s movie Griffin possibly young/actor version

Q-Caira is called a druid sooo… hippy caira?

R-Abe is the atomic warrior so we have Mad Mags and Mad Abe. One looks like a Warboy one looks like Mad Max maybe. Or it could be like a Fallout lookin Abe.

and P-Parnell who has the experimental super suit.

Quantum Caira Update - Slated for Wednesday 8/3 release



E Griffin: Straight out of his crazy 80"s movie.
Q Caira: She’s a Druid!
R Abe: The Atomic Warrior.
P Parnell: Found an experimental Super Suit…

No mention of C Bucket though. I wonder why that could be…


Definately Radioactive Abe.