New Adaptation Ideas


So lets recap what Turtle Rock has given us In the past few weeks. A trapper assault variant, a assault medic variant. This is all very interesting. But, I want you to think about something. What character is slowly losing control, Kala. In dropship conversations it hints that she is losing control. So we know that a Wraith and Bob variant are coming out eventually. What if one of the variants was Kala. Imagine a wraith Kala. What do you think? Leave a suggestion down below.


I imagine a sort of Gorgon version of Kala as a Trapper.
Instead of the siren missiles, she could shoot out mini WS that slow / poison / both on hit.
For her armor reducer, she could have a beam that slows the monster heavily when attached (not quite repulsor strong)
For her Teleport Pads? No clue. Maybe AOE slow pads that increase the slows as they’re placed / overlap.


A while ago I suggested hybrid classes and everyone called me mad. Mad I tell you.

Well who is mad now? Bwahahahahahaha


They won’t make Kala a monster. That’s an impossibility.

We know that there are seven adaptations lined up on the Trello, not including Paladin Parnell. They are…

Unnanounced Medic
Unannounced Support
Unannounced Trapper
Unannounced Assault
Phantom Wraith
Unnamed Behemoth Adaptation
Unnamed Gorgon Adaptation

We know that they want to complete the first three tiers of Hunters first. There’s only four hunters left, in that case. They are…


Now then, we know that we have a new Hunter adaptation for every class coming in, BUT. Two of those remaining Hunters are Supports. Meaning that it’s likely that either Bucket or Cabot will be the new Trapper.

Now then, since Bucket’s adaptation is already slotted for the Overpowered period along with Quantum Caira and Electro Griffin, I feel that he will stay a Support. This is because we already have a Trapper in the Overpowered period, and I feel it would be strange to have two. This would mean that, if I’m correct, the new adaptations will be…

:medic: Paladin Parnell (obviously)
:medic: (Unknown) Lazarus
:support: C-Bucket
:trapper: (Unknown) Cabot
:assault: H-Hyde
:monster: Phantom Wraith
:monster: (Unknown) Behemoth
:monster: (Unknown) Gorgon