New achievements


Would the devs ever considering adding new achievements to the game? My gamerscore has risen exactly 0 in the last few months since I basically only play this game that I already have 100%. There are games with a lot more, so it should be allowed by the system?


I’d love more achievements. The more the better I’d say. :smile:


They added additional achievements with arena mode. I am surprised that they didn’t add any with tier 4 or 5 being that those are paid DLC as well.





I want an achievement that involves getting a monster-kill with buckets UAV. “Kamikaze” or some such.


They should of added say 2-3 trophies/achievements every new hunter/monster but really at this point trophies are the least of my worries with Evolve,even though I’d like to add to my 3055 trophies :heart_eyes::laughing:


I wouldn’t mind seeing doing health damage to a monster with his UAV but a killing blow just seems too unlikely or encourages people to farm friends for it.


Most things on Evolve is farmed I.E the ridiculous masteries ha!


Spending a couple hours in solo for mastery isn’t the same as an achievement that all but requires people to farm friends. There aren’t any masteries that I feel are so horrible that you HAVE to try and have friends in game to get them. Sure they expedite the process, but nothing comes close to requiring them.


Well take slim for example I had given up on eleting him because the spore cloud 3 star was so frustrating,the other day I actually farmed it with a friend because I thought why not! LoL

The people who don’t farm it actually make your games horrible because you can tell they only use certain abilities or I.e slims heal bug 80m away they purposely make you near on death just so they complete it or just use Hyde’s minigun all game I mean wth man lol just wish there was a better system than boosting in custom


I was able to Elite Slim solo in under 3-4 hours. I don’t disagree that farming with friends make it easier, but there isn’t anything so remotely hard that it all but requires friends to farm. The thing with Bucket’s UAV getting the killing blow requires really awkward windows of timing. The UAV has cast time so you have to be dinking around in the head when the moment arrives, there is a battery on the UAV so you have to finish the monster off within that window, and then you have to rely on the monster having such a remotely small amount of HP and then crash it hoping it hits before the last bullet or two from a normal engagement finishes it off.


Its just an achievement lol. Most people hardly notice/care about them- And if friends want to “Farm” for an achievement- So what? I honestly can NOT imagine the forums filling with people whining about people farming a bucket kamikaze achievement.

Maaaaybe if it was a mastery thing. Mwahaha. “You must get 3 kills with the UAV for 3rd star mastery!” Mwaaahahahahaha. hah. ha…

But ya.

Its an achievement- Achievements dont always have to be achieved in conventional means. LOTS of games have oddball achievements that you achieve in oddball ways, that dont always involve playing the game as its meant to be played.


The thing is achievements are just than, an achievement. If they want to make an accolade or challenge then sure, but achievements should be something that most people are able to earn without having to specifically play in such an unintended way that it means normal people playing the game don’t really have a feasible means of attaining it. For instance, I would consider an achievement to getting the cupcakes replaced on Broken Hills to be an equally bad idea for an achievement because that is 100% random chance.




a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
"to reach this stage is a great achievement"
synonyms: attainment, realization, accomplishment, fulfillment, implementation, execution, performance; More
the process or fact of achieving something.
“the achievement of professional recognition”

Something that takes effort, courage or skill is not synonymous with ‘Playing with friends so you can bypass the intended sequence of things’ or ‘such blind luck that very few will attain’. Getting the last hit with the UAV is much more about luck than about skill unless you are farming friends, but that defeats the purpose of it.


Think were just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.,_I_am_the_real_Garry!

Heck theres games that give achievements just because you preordered the thing. Theres absolutely nothing wrong, to me, with silly/weird/abstract achievements- especially ones that require you to play, do silly things, and goof around with your friends.


I don’t mind silly achievements but one that isn’t feasibly achievable isn’t an achievement imo. This is outside of my personal ability o feasibly get and as such shouldn’t be included.

If this code is somehow mentioned in the game or manual I’m totally fine with it. If it’s only attainable because someone leaked it online I am much less fine, but since it can be googled and put in without doing anything else I’m ok with it. This is a knowledge and simple google search achievement.

This achievement is fine as it’s a time investment. It does not require an absurd amount of luck to get. This is a skill based achievement.

I never said achievements can’t be hard to get as skill based achievements are fine. If you can google for something that requires you to be in the right spot under the right time of day and push a series of buttons I am less ok but it’s fine as anyone can do it by using Google. Silly achievements are fine as well as long as the fall under those same criteria.

If real life was a game, scoring a perfect score on the SAT would make for a hard, but doable achievement. Winning the lottery would not.


Again, just going to have to agree to disagree :slightly_smiling:


Wait… crashing the UAV into things does damage?