New Achievements inbound! Also, drowning


Just checked the achievement list and they added 250GS worth. All of them are secret. Get hyped for that livestream on Tuesday.

Also, I found out that you can actually drown in this game. The screen flashes red faster and faster until you just die. No health drain.

Edit: If you want to know them, the 6 achievements have been revealed. Just do a quick search.





My reaction exactly. If you aim down after jumping into deep water you can stay underwater and well…


Maybe that should be a secret achievement :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I’m going to try this out.


That’s so strange! I don’t think I noticed this when I was farming for the swimming achievement. Then again, I don’t think I stayed underwater too much when I did the swims.


…There’s a swimming achievement? How did I not know this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably talking about the medal.


Super can’t wait for Tuesday :slight_smile:


You can actually see the details of the achievements if you select “help with this achievement”. I won’t spoil anything, but… there are distinct spoilers available out there!

Edit: Oh, there’s a thread on this. Yeah, arena mode is a thing. I feel silly now.


Dunno if I’m allowed to post the link but there is a thread on reddit which shows what the achievements are, if you’re interested.


I think it’s called “Freestyle” in the achievements under hunters.


I read them all after seeing this thread. My mind… It’s so blown…


Secret achievements…hmm…TIME TO TRY ALL THE THINGS. #Cockroachwasapainintheass


List is revealed, don’t know if we should post though.


I can’t find the achievements online. Wanna help me out?


So they are adding an arena!!! That is so cool.

#18 has them.


Why not!?!? Lore wise spoilers??? Should i catch up on my hunter canon???


Nvm i found out what they are…(light weeping in background) i got so hyped FOR NOTHING!!!