New Achievement Ideas

I know there’s some interest from forum-goers for new achievements to be added to the game (who doesn’t enjoy getting them?), hell, I even asked a couple of devs about the possibility. Seeing as there’s no confirmation on it even being a possibility, I decided to start a thread to show the devs there is interest, as well as to have an area for people to discuss some of their own ideas.

So my ideas will be set around the general layout of the Xbox One achievement system, since that is the only one I have experience with.

10 Achievements, DLC-related, 250 Gamerscore.

The Battle For Shear Continues: Play a game as each of the T4 Hunters, and as Behemoth *Achievement Tile: The four hunters vs Behemoth

Not Survivors, Hunters: Unlock the Elite skins for each of the T4 Hunters *Achievement Tile: The four hunters, side-by-side with their Elite skins

The Scourge of Factor: Unlock the Elite skin for Behemoth *Achievement Tile: The ‘Scourge of Factor’ Behemoth picture, but with his elite skin

They See Me Rollin’: Incap, or kill, a hunter as Behemoth while rolling *Achievement Tile: Behemoth rolling after a hunter

With Friends Like These: Play a match as Slim with Abe and Hyde on the team. *Achievement Tile: Slim looking cautious with Abe and Hyde following behind him

Reunited: Play a match as Sunny with Abe and Parnell on the team. *Achievement Tile: A discussion between the three of them

I’m Used to It: As Crow, be the last Hunter alive. *Achievement Tile: Crow standing above an unaware Goliath

I Will Have My Vengeance: Win a match against each of the four monsters as Torvald *Achievement Tile: Torvald in front of a defeated Behemoth

Dug Too Deep: Play a match on Broken Hill Foundry and Broken Hill Mines *Achievement Tile: A side by side of the two map’s loading screens

Orbital Bombardment, Monster Style: Hit someone with Behemoth’s lava bomb from its max distance *Achievement Tile: Behemoth launching a lava bomb far into the distance

Welp, there’s my current ideas. Anyone else?


I like the idea of more achievements in general. O.o
Even if some are hard to obtain. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, wouldn’t be against a Title Update with achievements, even if they didn’t pertain to DLC.

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I like the idea of new achievements, I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see any new ones with the t4 dlc lol

Stomped: Win a round of Nest/Rescue without losing a single egg/ letting a single survivor escape, as the Monster
Calm: Reach Stage 3 without losing any health or armor
Storm: As a Stage 3 Monster, defeat the Hunters without taking permanent health damage
My Precious: As Wraith, Abduct the same Hunter 5 times in a single match
Hulk Smash!: As Goliath, Leap Smash onto all Hunters in one attack
Overloaded: As Kraken, Incapacitate Bucket with Aftershock
Pull!: As Behemoth, Lava Bomb a Hunter blasted into the air from a Fissure
Slow and Steady: Win an Evacuation campaign using only Behemoth
Eagle Eye: As Val, place a weak spot on either of Goliath’s eyes without aiming down your scope
The Lich: As Lazarus, win a round of Hunt with each Hunter (except Laz) being revivified at least once
HUMANASCAR: As Caira, race left around a Monster twice using the Acceleration Field
Taking One for the Team: As Hank, prevent your team from taking damage against a Stage 1 Monster
Rust Bucket: As Bucket, defeat a Monster while standing in water
Lucky Shot: As Cabot, head shot a Monster you can’t see, through a wall (No Dust Tagging, No Tranquilizing, etc.)
Webbed: As Maggie, hit a Monster with 5 Harpoon Traps at the same time
Safe and Sound: As Griffin, never lose location of the Monster in a Dome
Out of Time: As Abe, Stasis a Monster for the entire duration of a Tracking Dart in the Monster
Thunder & Lightning: As Markov, electrocute a Monster as it steps on an Arc Mine
Extra Crispy: As Hyde, kill a Monster using only the Flamethrower
Rock’Em Sock’Em: As Parnell, have every shot of your Rocket Launcher and Shotgun hit the Monster

I’ll try to think of more if people like these.

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You’re trying to ruin my completion, aren’t you? :wink:

There’s a bit too many luck-based achievements there for my liking, but there are some really good ones too. Nice to see other’s ideas regardless.

Tranquilized: As Val, slow down a monster for a total of 5 minutes in a single match.
Nope, Sorry: As Hank, shield 3 teammates in rapid succession, negating damage for all 3.
Deadeye: As Val, hit the monster 25 times with your sniper rifle in a single match.
Good Girl: All hunters get the achievement if Daisy is the last one alive, and the hunters eventually win.
The Healer: As any medic, heal greater than 20,000 health in a single match.
I’m Watching You: As Bucket, spot the monster with the UAV 20 times in a single match.

Elite Play: Play with 4 elite hunters on your team.
Accuracy Counts For Something: As Bucket, hit the monster 35 times with your missile launcher in a single match.
Ground Zero: As Hank, land 5 orbital barrages in a single match.
Healing Grenades Ready: Heal 3 hunters at the same time with the healing grenade launcher.
Healing Machine: Use 10 healing bursts in a single match.
Overpowered: Win 5 games with Parnell in a row.
Minefield: Place 5 mines that ultimately do damage to the monster in a single match.
Who Needs Lightning?: As Markov, win a match without using the lightning gun.
Who Needs Fire?: As Hyde, win a match without using the flamethrower.
I Don’t Need a Shotgun: As Parnell or Torvald, win a match without using your shotgun.
One Shot, One Kill: As Val, get the winning hit on the monster with your sniper rifle.
Sentries… Sentries Everywhere!: As Bucket, damage the monster with only your sentry guns.
We’re All Winners: Win a total of 100 matches as a hunter.
I Stand Alone: Win a total of 100 matches as a monster.
The Best Around: Win a total of 500 matches.
Ambitious: Win against a stage three monster while everyone has 2 strikes.
No One Dies: As Lazarus, revivify 7 hunters from the dead in a single match.
You’re Not Going Anywhere: Dome a total of 30 monsters as the trapper.
We See All: Track the monster constantly for 1 minute. (For instance, Val’s tranquillizers, Abe’s tracking dart, and Bucket’s UAV.)
Prey to Predator: As the monster, lose at least 50% of your health at stage 1, but win at stage 3 in a match.
Insanity: Win a total of 10 games at stage 1 as the monster.
We Don’t Need a Medic: As the hunters, win without anyone being healed by the medic.
Deadly: Hit the monster with Val’s sniper rifle in the head without aiming down the sights.
I Am Unbreakable: Shield yourself of a total of 10,000 damage.
No One Lives: As the monster, win without anyone being revived by any hunter, or resurrected by Lazarus.
Pacifist: Win as a hunter without damaging the monster.
Into the Sunset: As Sunny, boost hunters a total of 2500m.
Area Denial: As the hunters, let the monster get hit by a harpoon trap/harpoon, sentry gun, and mine within 3 seconds.
Fear Me: Kill a total of 150 hunters as the monster.
Fear Us: Kill a total of 150 monsters as a hunter.
A Hunter’s Best Friend: As Maggie, let Daisy revive you from your incapacitated state.
Get Over Here!: As the Wraith or Behemoth, use your tongue or abduct the last hunter alive, and then stealth pounce them.

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Lets hope some of them are implemented. I wouldn’t mind the challenge.

So long as they’re not overly grindy or overly difficult, I wouldn’t mind. Gonna be honest though, 9 times out of 10 I see a difficult achievement in an online game, all I see is “Boost this”

I don’t mind long requirement achievements. So long as you can’t buy your way through it.

I like achievements that long time players can still try to get.

Yeah more achievements would be good ive got only 8 more to go and their mostly just elites

Can’t Hit What You Can’t Smell: As Slim, negate the monster’s smell ability for 2 minutes in a single match.
Gobi!: As Crow, detect a stage 1 monster 5 times in a single match.
Award Galore: Receive all awards possible, with all of them maxed out.
Experienced Player: Play a total of 5 days in matchmaking.
Dedicated Player: Play a total of 10 days in matchmaking.
Barbaric: As the monster, win without using your abilities.
Who needs a melee anyway?: As the monster, win with only using your abilities.
Stealth Squad: As support, cloak all 4 hunters at a single time 2 times in a single match.
Last Hunter Standing: In hunt, be the last hunter standing.
I’m the Only One Left: In hunt, be the last hunter standing a total of 10 times.
Amplify This!: As the monster, stealth pounce Cabot while he’s using his damage amplifier.
It is Weakened!: As Val, Lazarus, or Torvald, place a total of 1000 weak spots on the monster.
Triple Tracking: Have 3 tracking effects active at the same time. (For example, Val’s tranquilizers, Cabot’s dust tagging, and Gobi’s tracking.)
For Science!: As Lazarus, resurrect a total of 100 wildlife creatures.
I AM the Assault: As Cabot, amplify a total of 10000 damage.
Flawless: As the hunters, win without anyone receiving a strike, without playing with Lazarus.
Moving at the Speed of Sound: As Caira, travel 1000m with the acceleration field in a single match.
Where Are Your Decoys Now?: As the Wraith, win without using a decoy.
The Goliath: Win a total of 50 matches as the Goliath.
The Kraken: Win a total of 50 matches as the Kraken.
The Wraith: Win a total of 50 matches as the Wraith.
The Behemoth: Win a total of 50 matches as the Behemoth.
Bloodthirsty: As the monster, kill 10 hunters in a single match.
I Will Find You: As Griffin, detect a sneaking monster with a sound spike.
Watch Your Step: As Maggie, trap the monster with harpoon traps 20 times in a single match.
Deception: As the Wraith, sustain less than 1 armour bar of damage when you’re trapped in a dome.
The Medic: Win a total of 50 matches as the medic.
The Assault: Win a total of 50 matches as the assault.
The Support: Win a total of 50 matches as the support.
The Trapper: Win a total of 50 matches as the trapper.
A True Hunter: Win a total of 1000 matches as any role.
Humiliation: Win against 10 stage 1 monsters.
Roll the Dice: Win a match with a tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 hunter on your team.
I am the True Elite: Win against a team of 4 elite hunters.
We Are True Elites: Win against an elite monster.

Need to get some Devs in here :wink:

Tag them if you feel that way.

Superconductor: As the Kraken, use a lightning strike to incapacitate Markov while also destroying an arc mine.
Hot Enough?: As Hyde or Goliath, fight fire with fire.
Precision is Key: As Val, attain 10 headshots on the monster in a single match.
Demolition Hunter: As a hunter, win 10 games with only damaging the monster with explosive weapons.
Ultimate Sacrifice: As a hunter, contribute at least 50% of the damage dealt to the monster, and win while incapacitated.
Reckless: As Parnell, win with 1 health while super soldier is active.
You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: As the monster, kill a cloaked hunter.
Insatiable Hunger: As the monster, devour a total of 1000 wildlife creatures.
Hello!: As the monster, at stage 1, stealth pounce a hunter, and render them incapacitated.
Pleasant Surprise: As the Kraken, damage the hunters within 5 seconds of them hitting the ground… with banshee mines.
That Was Close: As the monster, win with less than half a bar of health remaining.

Supreme Hunter: Reach the maximum rank in Ranked Play.
A Momentous Occasion: Reach the new maximum rank in Evolve.
Tough Choice: As Lazarus, be the last hunter standing, and revivify a teammate that ultimately kills the monster.
Do You Dare Defy Me?: In Arena mode, win by not losing a single round as the monster.
Do You Dare Defy Us?: In Arena mode, win by not losing a single round as the hunter.
I Do Not Fear Death: As the monster, win in Sudden Death mode.

These mostly seem professional and thought out.

I would like more achievements to work for.