Never play on patch day!


Fuck i should start recording my games.

Thats basically the whole summary.
The game is on the border to unplayable…
Lag, Bugs, weird shit all over the place.

First i did not find a game, then i switched to Hunter preference and found a game. Join in Progress… great… as spectator… with 1 HP… what the actual F. Back to alpha, are we?

Second game, played as slim. Cool, except that the team was 200 meter behind everything… yeah no fault of dev´s.

Third game as Goliath. The lag was unbearable. I jumped and 3 seconds later something moved… Okay next round as Kraken, same lag.

Then actual a game that was playable… apart the ocassional movement glitches of both goliath and hunter for an exchange. Yeah Hunter that flew 100 meter in the air when you hit them. Sunny using her nuke after she got downed from a pounce was cool, too.
Edit: Thats actually Sunny with his jetpack boosting people up like mad. lol, i thought they just get a normal boost, not this fast travel xD

As i said… i should start recording the games… for now some meaningless rant should do the trick.

Well, Never play on patch day!

Addition: After 1,5hours i finally managed to get 2 fun games going. Then i got switched to Hunter side and left.


Game 1 is a bug with the new observer mode, they are aware of this.
No idea why you mentioned game 2
Game 3, laggy games happen I guess (haven’t seen this happen to me yet, even when playing on american servers.) Are you sure it wasn’t on your end?

I played 18+ hours when the update hit and had only 2 instances where the game/server crashed and no real other bugs :-/
Guess I’m just lucky


not my end, 10 ping to google all the time :slight_smile:


Hmm m8 your console / computer is just having a fit …give it some time :wink: