Never Monster


I don’t know if this is a bug or not but some reason (and with certain players) despite always having monster as my top choice; someone else is always the monster. Now I’m not saying this always happens; just with a few noticeable people. No exaggeration, played five matches in a row with this same flathead being the monster every single time. I just want to know why and how when it should at least be alternating between me and him every other match. What makes it worse is that he’s one of those players that loves to show off and drag matches on forever…

Please close or move if this belongs somewhere else.


it should be turns one him then you not just him forever


It should but for some reason this guy is monster the whole time…


Might been on evacuation mode?
There you stay Monster the whole time (all five rounds of the evac). Just asking because you mentioned five matches.


Nope, Quickplay the whole time.