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Hello Community!

So as I’m sure you all know the daily sign in rewards in Evolve are totally awesome. If you haven’t read about them in Insane_521’s thread here:

I’d like to suggest a minor change to improve the quality of life for this feature. As the system works now, there is one unlockable per day of each month - each one is unique up to the last day, then the punch card changes. This means missing a single day means missing unlockables as the month goes on. While this isn’t the biggest deal, the way the timer works can cause you to miss rewards even if you do play every day.

As the timer is now, when you click “Claim Reward” a 24 hour countdown begins before you can claim again. Naturally, this seems intuitive, however if you are not on the main menu (ie, in a match) when this 24 hour cooldown expires, you do not get the reward. Also, with the busy times of work, schooling, and social life, it is hard to ensure you will always be on the main menu perfectly on the 24 hour mark.

After a around 10 days of playing, I lost about three hours for my time window playing the game. My game finished downloading at 5 PM when I claimed my first reward, and now I have to claim it after 8 PM. Inevitably, this will cause me to miss a day at some point, and while that isn’t the biggest deal it is mildly frustrating.

To remove this frustration and improve the quality of life for this feature, I suggest one of two things: Either replace the 24 hour countdown with a 23 or 22 hour countdown, making it easier to maintain your own “claim rewards” time each day, or make the timer reset at midnight (either PST or if possible by local time) so it doesn’t matter what time of day you play, as long as you play that day. This would make the monthly punch card much more user friendly, and help it live up to how freaking awesome it is.

Making the 24 hour clock either a 23 hour clock or a midnight reset would make the monthly punch card easier to maintain for busy people.

EDIT: Apparently I just had really coincidental timing while checking the time. Niaccurshi is completely right! Never Mind!


My understanding is that the actual change over is at midnight UTC, I’ve not seen this kind of situation as I’ve claimed items at different times of days but never had to wait 24 hours until I can claim the next, as long as it’s after midnight UTC?


I’ll have to test this. I have been going by the 24 hour clock as well so I check in after 8pm.


Oh snap, I think you’re right. I just happened to have some super exact timing on the check in when I noted the time! My bad. I’ll close it.