Never mind pointless thread


i just queued up for skirmish ended up in defend and played it out i took behemoth and started with full armor i know that on some of the older live streams behemoth had a bug where he started with full armor but it just happend to me in defend so i think it is still there


Not a bug, it’s actually a new feature they added


On PC only though


oh really? didnt know that i like it though


Defend Mode

  • Increased Minion Health
  • The Monster now starts with Full Armor
  • Reduced the damage Kraken’s Lightning Strike can do to Generators


Yeah, it’s pretty nice.


hehe i never play evac so i only read the patch notes that was interesting for me


Do you have a source for that?


10 chars


It’s in the patch notes for PC.



That’s probably why I missed it. Thanks!