Never got the day 1 patch. How do I check version? Xbox One


I started the game at 12:01a and it loaded with no patch DL.

How can I check to see if the patch was applied?


You ask the good questions lol.


Im sorry, I don’t see what’s funny. There was supposed to be a 3gb day 1 patch and I never received it. As soon as I started the game, it started right away and played the opening video.

I just want to know if there a way to check the version # or something like that to ensure I have the most up to date version.


Just funny in the sense that that was a bit of a head scratch-er for me when I read it. I want to say you have to be on the most recent patch to be playing?? Pretty sure it wouldn’t let you join games on an old patch.


Go to “my games and apps” and find the Evolve tile. Once you find it, look at the top right of the tile for a * symbol. If you have that, your game was updated.
Hope this helps


OK, I don’t have it.

I see the symbol you’re talking about on other games. Its in a white triangle in the upper right.

Also, my file size us 23.5 GB. Just an fyi.

So, how do I get the patch? Should I delete and reinstall?


I wouldn’t think you’d have to re install. Have you done a hard reset on your Xbox? Try holding Xbox logo on front of console for 10 seconds, re boot your console and you should be prompted for the patch.

Also, in “my games and apps” check to see if the patch is in que (very bottom option to choose).


I’ve had the game preloaded for 2 weeks. Maybe that’s why I was able to play it.

On my XB1, I’ve played games without the most recent update patch applied, so it is possible.

And, as per the helpful suggestion I did get, it appears that I do not have the patch applied.

So, that answers your question. Yup.


I knew someone would come along to help. They always do. Sometimes you just need those first few initial posts to get the ball rolling.


Yeah, I tried the hard boot and I checked the DL que first thing.

On startup, I never got the “This game needs an update” nessage.

Maybe, I’ll just reinstall. It can’t hurt.

Unless someone can figure out a way in game to tell if the patch was applied. Something I could see in the game etc.

Thanks for all your help.


Did you hold the start button,manage game, and check if the patch is listed as waiting to install over on the right?

Make sure you have three tiles installed in your Evolve listing. The game, the goliath skin, and the third character set free unlock.


Yeah, I’ve had the XB1 since day 1, so I know about the place on the right where it shows if a games installation has stopped etc. . I just didn’t know about the asterisk. Lol

And i’ve had all 3 items installed. I preloaded the game a couple weeks ago, so I don’t know if that allowed me to start the game without the patch applying. It shouldn’t have. I’ve preloaded most of my games, and the ones that needed a day 1 patch always give that “This game needs an update” message.

I deleted and reinstalled. Lets see if that triggers the patch.

Its about 30% done so hopefully it won’t take too long. I want to play! Hehe


It sucks you had to re install. Friend of mine just texted me that his fully installed X1 Evolve is 23.8 gigs. I’d check mine for you, but I’m at the office.
Best of luck to you, sir.


Well, I uninstalled, and reinstalled and still don’t have the day 1 patch.

If anyone, knows a way to get the patch downloaded, I would really appreciate it.

Maybe someone from TRS can offer a suggestion.



What is the CL# and Build# displayed when you select Extras on the Main Menu? Should be in the upper left corner of the screen while on that menu.


Here is the info.

CL: 196844
BUILD: 102434(2015-01-25,22:27)


I’m having the same issue, no patch downloaded as far as I can tell. Really hope someone can fix this, as my matchmaking has been really bad and this patch was supposed to improve it.


I was prompted about the day 1 patch before the game started loading but as far as I can tell I never got it. The game installed but there wasn’t anything else in the que. I also don’t have any sign telling me I have it, actually none of my games have any of these signs you guys speak of.


That is the Day 1 Patch for Xbox One. You are fully updated.


I believe the Xbox One also auto updates games now if its in sleep mode over night.