Never getting my first choice (MONSTER)


This is nearing refund levels of frustration


Ok my friend, I had similar levels of frustration. My best advice is don’t leave games after you don’t get your preference. You have a 100% better chance of getting your preference if you stay in the same lobby for the next game.

… and if your name stands for Man U I regret giving you any kind of advice… you can just forget you read that :slight_smile:


Haha, maybe we should switch accounts… first game (out of two I’ve had time for) on the retail version with Monster set last and, bang, right into a game as monster with an organized party. But yeah, I think the emphasis has been put on speed of a match and, if people are willing to be a little more patient, it should have a way to get a better match for your preferences.


Lol you guys flagged this guy for no reason. Man U = Manchester United Football Club lol. He wasn’t calling me shit lmao.

Edit: I think lol…


I almost always got monster when I asked for it…


I can’t be the only one…


or he may mean:
man , you is shit.


I always get the monster and don’t want it. lol


@MCFC When you don’t get it do you quit and then join an other game?


yeah always
i’m not playing as a hunter


I think that might be why you get it less often. When I’m playing for the monster I’ll usually get it 2-3 times in a row and then get switched to hunter. Then I get monster for the next couple of games after that. I know it sucks to play as a hunter when you want the monster, but I’ve had better luck just sucking it up for a round.