Never ending Evolve matches are bad. How can you fix this?


Just saw this match from some of the TRS dev guys:

It almost seems like games can last an infinite length of time. Every time the monster engages the round limit timer is paused. Every time the monster attacks the power relay his attack is canceled by one hunter bullet from across the map. Every time there is only one Hunter left he runs across the whole map until his team respawns. And this is repeated over and over and over.

It’s not really entertaining to watch or play and it would be terrible in a tournament environment that has a schedule to meet, games lasting 40 minutes+ would destroy tournament schedules. How can this be solved?

  1. Limit the number of dropship lives a team of hunters have: 3 or 5 lives per player max.
  2. Don’t have the overtime timer pause, there’s a 20 minute limit for a reason, having the timer pause nullifies the time limit.
  3. Nerf cloak recharge time. Every time the support survives a fight he cloaks up and runs. Particularly annoying on Cabot who can easily shoot the monster attacking the power relay across the map with the railgun.
  4. For each life the team loses increases the respawn timer of the dropship.
  5. Don’t cancel the monster attacks on the Power Relay with low damage. Only cancel it if he loses 20% or more of a bar of health.

Those are just a number of quick ideas I had, probably with number 1 being the best solution in a competitive environment. Thoughts?

Games still lasting 40+ minutes

This only happens when one or both teams are not high caliber. This doesn’t happen in high end games. One team or the other will finish it out.


I think its not a problem…and what do you think? With more skilled players in a match, its obvious that the match time will get longer…since both side is very skilled. I dont think that its a problem.

Pro gaming bro…


The matches showcased on the TRS video I linked are of incredibly high caliber. These are the highest level players playing the game at the moment.


1 and 4 seem the most viable, though I’d prefer 1 since 4 would hurt almost instantly. :slight_smile:


I had this happen to me in the DGL tourney, in fact it was team redundancy squad… They kept poking me and I would wipe but one would get away, a strong monster player should be able to eventually wipe the team or take the generator like I did. It only prolonged the game by a little bit though. I’m the case of a cloaking support, you just have to focus him first in the next team fight


Matches like that are an anomaly, like MadCow said. In actuality, rounds last about 10 minutes.


No, he is playing with some of his friends who were in the DGL tournament. I would NOT say that this is the finest levels of play. When he was streaming yesterday I believe he had one other TRS Dev and the rest were his Team Redundancy Squad friends. If you watch through the videos you see him coaching them. They are not ‘top tier’ players.


Whatever, but I think if both side are “top rated” players the match could go longer than usual. Thats not abnormal.


So what you’re saying is that in that situation the monster would never win, since the monster couldn’t beat that team in that video which you claim consists of non top tier players. I think if you are bad then games will be fast, but if you are good games will last a long time, sometimes far too long.


I disagree. I don’t think I’ve seen any high skilled games ‘drag on’ past an in ordinate amount of time. While I can see your concern, I just don’t see it happening in the competitive scene. If we do, TRS will address is. However, I just don’t see it happening very often, if at all.


Find me a video where the entire TRS team was playing with their A game against a good monster. Oh Wait, Coach did that. And the game still didn’t ‘drag’ on.


It doesn’t matter about playing their A game or not, the fact that it’s possible that games can last 30-40 minutes + is bad in any case, public or competitive. Someone who hops in for a few games of Evolve before heading off to work and ends up in a 40 minute game isn’t going to be playing Evolve much after that. And if any single match in a full tournament ends up lasting 40 minutes then the whole tournament will be delayed. It’s bad for everyone.

The option to add a number of lives to the Hunter team wouldn’t be a bad feature to have in the game.


But 30-40 minute games means that there are LOTS of engagements happening. That isn’t boring. It might be boring for you, but you literally cannot run out the clock by hiding. That means the last 10-20 minutes was NOTHING but combat.


I think the main reason is that now its very unlikely to happen because NONE of us became the master of Evolve in so little time :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, im looking forward to the future of it so interesting topic :slight_smile:


I actually quite like an eternal game. They can be quite intense! I had a forty minute one against a wraith and as much as I hated it, I enjoyed every minute! My victory was just worth that much more!


League of legends. most watched e-sports title. average game length. 35 minutes. longest game length in professional gaming…I think was 88 minutes. you tell me how many people turned off the 88 minute game. that is tons of fighting. which is what the people want. evolve is the same. besides the regrouping period in the dropship (leagues respawn timer at level 18 is 1:30, so its the same) the action is constant. in fact my favorite moments was being the last alive and trying to take pot shots cuz once you do the monster is coming for you fast and your on the edge of your seat trying to survive.


The funny thing is, LOL has basically zero content. Sure they brag about billions of champions, but they have like what, three or four arenas with varied rules? The play is super dynamic and predictable, I honestly don’t understand why people give Evolve dirty looks and claim it has no content and replay ability…


worse. they have 1.5. the telemtry they released was like 80% summoners rift (one map one mode) and 15% aram (another map, same mode but 1 lane) then the 5% is for twisted treeline and dominion. basically no one plays anything but the one map.


Yeah, I was trying to be generous! I only started playing LOL casually last year, and I just cant take too much of it because every match is the same… I am barely in my early twenties for levels XD

Evolve on the other hand has thousands of ways a match can play out. If you are fighting wraith your actual strategies change, not just “oh I guess I better build tanky”. Then you think about perks and weather effects, wildlife spawn rates and 16 released maps just to start and its crazy. DLC only adds to this as well. Maps will be free, but monsters and hunters will be added (Which make up a giant portion of the game) swirling that pot of variety. If you think about all the stuff people buy in LOL, why in the world do people have problems with buying stuff in Evolve? Honestly I think it is just because DLC has been termed as bad, sometimes for legit reasons, and they don’t see what it really means in Evolve. Evolve isn’t pay to win, pay to unlock the cool stuff, pay to unlock diversity and replay ability, Evolve is pay to keep me alive and… evolving :slight_smile:

Kind of got off topic there… but DLC for Evolve isnt about milking you for all you are worth… unlike somegames which are made entirely just for money, Evolve is a game made by gamers for gamers, DLC for Evolve is the means to the end, not the end itself like in so many games now days. Evolve will be different! I promise :slight_smile:

The complainers may have prevented further dlc from being produced