Neutral Boss Wildlife


So a lot of Comparisons have been drawn between Evolve and MOBAs. Now I think evolve is way better than say DOTA, but there is one thing that LOL and Dota have that would fit evolve perfectly.

A Neutral Boss. A really powerful wildlife that functions as a miniature monster and grants a powerful buff (I’m thinking a sort of Multiperk, possibly a random assortment of three perks) when killed. There would only be one per map, and would be confined to an Arena area. I don’t imagine this as being super practical in hunt, but It sounds like a fun variable for Nest or Rescue and any other mode with an objective other than just kill the monster.

I have four bosses for different biomes that I think would work, but this is my opinion and is likely to have flaws. Probably a lot of them. Feel free to criticize.


This was an old desert wildlife. A large carnivore which would actively seek out hunters. It had a few problems, mainly an issue with it’s length and IK problems. With an Arena built just for it the Juggernaut would likely not run into these issues.

The Arena of this beast is a flat area, with a bit of vegetation. It also probably contains a small amount of Obsidian grubs.

I imagine the Juggernaut being a sort of Bullfight Boss relying mainly on charging attacks. It would have a Health of about 3-4 bars(These Refer to Monster Health Bars). Since I’m basing it off of a Monster it would use two abilities. It would likely not use a generic attack

  • Charge: The Juggernaut charges forwards until it runs into an Obstruction. This will deal massive damage to anything caught in the path (Half of a Hunter’s health). Anything hit will be pushed in front of the charge, leaving you a bit of time to escape before it hits a second time. Once it stops, the Juggernaut will take a few seconds to recover. This ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds. If Juggernaut was a Monster, two levels would have been put into this ability.
  • Headbutt: The Juggernaut swings it’s skull at any target. This ability causes damage and severe knockback. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

I should mention that the Juggernaut would effect the monster differently. Here are some values for monster damage values. I also have no clue what damage the monster’s abilities do. Once I do, I can make some rough version of how the monsters attack the Juggernaut and other bosses.

  • Charge removes 3 armor worth of health/armor. It still pushes the monster back.
  • Headbutt removes 2 armor worth of H/A. It still pushes the monster back.


I do have to admit some bias here. Leviathan is one of my favorite wildlife concepts, and I really want it in game. I do not know what Biome a Leviathan would belong too. I’m putting him forward because
A) When I came up with the concept, Leviathan was the one that came to mind first
B) I like sea monsters, and I really like this guy.
C) I wanted Boss archetypes. He’s the water boss.
And I do think he would have the most problems. That said. Here’s my concept

Leviathan is a massive sea predator, that normally sticks to open ocean. A juvenile (probably 15 to 18 meters long) has come close to shore to hunt for Cephalodon/Tyrants/Insert Wildlife Here, and has taken up shop in a Lagoon/Reservoir/Inlet. This bad boy is the toughest of these 4, with 4-5 bars worth of health.

Leviathan is in the water throughout the fight, and his arena consists of a Deep Pool of Water, with Floating Objects and Platforms strategically placed. The Arena also should contain a new wildlife type, which has a perk granting the ability to use weapons underwater/removes the monster speed decrease to aid in combat.

The Leviathan, unlike the juggernaut does have a basic attack. It lunges forward either knocking hunters to the side/grabbing the monster and thrashing it, before releasing it’s grip. It has three abilities, akin to a monster with one point in each ability.

  • Riptide has the Leviathan performing a Spyhopping like activity. The Resulting wave will sweep onto nearby platforms and shores, pulling whatever it hits into the ocean. It does deal minimal damage, but it leaves you more vulnerable to it’s other abilities. 15 second cooldown
  • Overcharge has the Leviathan release a massive amount of voltage into the water, dealing severe damage to anything that is currently swimming in the radius. Since it accomplishes this by overcharging it’s electrical sensory system, it will be temporarily slowed. 10 second cooldown
  • Beaching occurs when the Leviathan swims onto a beach at ramming speed. Anything directly hit by the leviathan will be either incapped or lose a bar of health. You have 5 seconds before it retreats into the water. 15 second cooldown

Leviathan is a difficult fight for close range characters, and baiting his Beaching manouver and dealing damage while Overcharge is on cooldown are probably key to beating leviathan.


The Snow Titan is an Arctic killing machine. It is the dominant predator of it’s enviroment. All who make their living in the arctic fear them. They are powerful brutes, relying mainly on their standard melee attack.

They lurk in clearings with deep snow, that they can hide their massive body inside for ambushes. There is relatively little vegetation in these arenas, and there is a lack of other wildlife.

The Snow Titan can take a beating, having 4 bars of health. It is also the only Neutral boss who sneaks. When the Titan sneaks, he digs into the snow and waits for a moment to strike. He Default attack is akin to the Behemoth’s, doing massive damage. He only has one ability akin to a monster who puts 3 into one ability.

  • Blizzard is initiated by the Titan stirring up loose snow, and creating a miniature snowstorm. This obscures vision, and slows what is caught in the attack. Titans will often follow up with a pounce.


The Titan Strider is a true behemoth. These forest dwellers are massive, and cannot navigate rough terrain. They are not aggressive, and will only attack if provoked (By Shooting/Hitting them).

The Arena of the Titan Strider is a Swamp, as they cannot navigate the denser forest (and the water can be flat). There are many Trees on the Fringes of the arena, and when in a passive state the Titan Strider will browse on the branches. Wildlife consists of Swamp Eels (Bigger Canyon Eels) that live in that swamp.

Since the Titan Strider is gargantuan, it has a lot of health to throw around with 4-5 bars of the stuff. It’s default attack is a stomp, which it uses fairly frequently. It has 2 abilities, akin to the Juggernaut.

  • Probiscus is a grab. It’s basically the Tongue Grab. It’s so you can’t just shoot/various ranged ability it from outside the pool (which the Strider will not leave). This ability is only used when a hunter is outside the arena.
  • Frenzy occurs when the Titan Strider releases an Inky substance into the water, sending the normally passive Eels into a frenzy. Anything that is not the the Strider that is in the water during the next 10 seconds is targeted by the now hostile eels. This has a 30 second cooldown.


Like you said, not very practical, but it could be fun. Maybe as a custom game option? Not in public matches, though. :smiley_cat:


The tyrant does well enough to keep me out the water as it is! Leviathan would stop me from leaving drop ship lol :frowning:


Cool idea but kind of unfair for the hunters is the monster would just fight in it.

Also came here expecting hand drawn pictures. Didn’t want the scrapped wildlife. JK :stuck_out_tongue:


If boss wildlife was in the game I’d want them to be general nuisances that run around killing things rather than being contained to an arena.

The Hunters would hate them because of their aggressiveness and the inconvenience of moving around one.

The Monster would hate them because they eat all their wildlife and are tough customers to kill.


I don’t think that would work. If you encounter one randomly, you’ll probably have to fight it but I think this should be a choice.

What do you mean fight in it? The Arenas? Because those are pretty much just large clearings or a Lagoon, in the leviathan’s case neither of which are particularily great locations to fight.


Hunters would probably try to dash or cloak around it, though I’ll admit it may just not be a good design.


I do prefer the Arenas, as that gives an element of Choice.

These were made with Nest and Rescue in mind primarily though. Again, this is likely fairly impractical in Hunt.


Juggernaut is actually one of the enemies in Evolve Hunter Quest (or at least looks like one of them)! Were did you get these images?


The Development of Evolve thread. These are all scrapped wildlife.