Network Connectivity Issue


This is less of a bug and more of a support type of thing.

I keep getting connectivity issues in games last few days and its umm rather annoying obviously. So I’m wondering if anyone knows how the connection works with the game. Is the game hosted by someone, or is it on a server? If the person hosting has a horrid connection then I can understand the connectivity issue, but if its a company server then I’m not sure what to do.

I have 60mb down and 3mb up. Although shows 65mb down and 4mb up. I’m not downloading anything or streaming music/movies and there is just me and my wife on the same connection.

When I pull up the player status and it shows (what I assume to be) the connectivity bars, mine are full. I -shouldn’t- be having a connection issue, but I am and it has been affecting gameplay rather badly.

Is this a known issue that is being addressed with the servers, or have I just been getting bad luck with random game hosts having bad internet connections?

Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

I’m using Steam on PC so maybe its steam. Just thought I’d poke around before trying a fresh install or something.

Edit: May have solved this using this thread: Steam connection problems? Try refreshing your Steam files (Steam support link)

Upon following the instructions, steam prompted an update that originally came out earlier this month, but was re-released yesterday due to some people have connection issues with different multiplayer games. I don’t know if it was affecting ‘this game’ but it seems to fit the description. Either way I hope it works.

Not sure why it didn’t prompt me to reinstall steam with the update yesterday, but at least I have it now.


I would also like to know, I’m on xbone and post patch this game has been almost unplayable, at least when joining friends I constantly get disconnected now, I have open. Nat and have tried WiFi and cable, no difference really, the only thing different now is the patch and mircro patches coming out…


well ps4 is suffering as well

in before sunny nerf