Nest still makes me want to scream as monster


As a monster this has to be one of the most frustrating game modes in the history of online gaming and pvp. I don’t see any reliable strategy that really works against a Hunter team that has a clue. If you launch a minion right at the beginning, they can kill it in like 5 seconds unless you are there helping it. Problem is you’ll be stage 1 and maybe not even have full armor.

If Bucket ran off in time, all they have to do is dome you and you’re still left fighting as just a Stage 1 monster.
Meanwhile he goes off and starts cheesing the eggs with his sentries. If you take the time to eat and get to Stage 2 there is already at least 3 eggs gone and you have no idea where Bucket is. Sooo frustrating.


Bucket needs a change for Nest. Either make turrets not attack eggs at all or only attack them if Bucket is actively shooting the egg.


Not really… Nest is an offmode. Hunt is the main game play. It’s balanced around Hunt, not the other modes.


Just sayin


How is it an offmode Evac is a larger part of the game than Hunt is. Hunt is just one type of game mode. Evac has everything and is much more interesting. We’re not talking about how much damage Torvald does that’s what your talking about. If all there was to play was Hunt I probably would have uninstalled long ago.


The original game was created, and balanced around Hunt.

And when the hell did I bring up Torvald? ^.-


Your statement has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. Do you even know how you win Nest? The Hunters win by destroying eggs, not the monster. Why do you think in the last patch they buffed the minions in Defend. What the hell does that have to do with Hunt?? You’re talking about Hunters versus Monster. I’m talking about Hunters vs Eggs. Duh.


Oh, of course not… I’ve played since Beta, and haven’t played nest. Yes, that.

I’ve never played Nest, how could you tell?

I was replying to Godzilla’s not you genius. He said Bucket needed changed for Nest, he doesn’t.

I have 920 hours logged in the game so far, and I’ve not played nest… Wow.

And I never said anything about hunters vs monsters, duh. Learn to read.


Hunt doesn’t even have eggs last time I checked, how would what he said even work in or effect Hunt in any way? He’s talking about the typical Bucket strategy used by Hunters that’s really easy to abuse. You just didn’t really make any sense. Anyways…


Just sayin XD (Trying to stay on topic here)


He said Bucket needs changed for Nest. He wants Buckets abilities changed, for a separate game mode.

I said no, because that will unbalance him in the main game mode; Hunt. How is this so hard to grasp? ^.-


Get stage 2, hatch a minion and attack. Never lost a nest match. Am i the only one that thinks nest is in favor of the monster?


What do you do if Bucket is off by himself and your minion dies?


That means a 3v1 fight. Your minion will focus the medic while you attack trapper or assault. Finish them and follow your minion and if he died hatch a new one and the minion will lead you to bucket. If you are fast enough there is no way bucket already killed all the eggs.


Um… they can nerf the turrets to the eggs just like they nerfed lightning strike to the relay in defend.


So basically make them non usable on eggs?


Get to stage 2, max out 2 damage dealers like LS, AS, Rock throw, Flamebreath, Warp blast, lava bomb, fissure… and once you hatch your minion. Go attack the same hunter as him. Hunters will not be able to out shield or out heal both your damage and your monions auto aim rock throw. XD


Just water down them damage received, LS is still really good vs the relay. Just not as Cheeze.


Still drop 2 on 1 egg, and take off. Monster would have to go back, and destroy them before the egg is gone. Won’t fix much.


It should give monsters more time to get to the eggs to destroy them we can’t make them unseable.